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Robert Hubbell

Style. Location. Innovation.

At Brookfield Residential, those three things define who we are as a homebuilder — and what we offer you as a

We know that every home we build is the most important place in the world to those who will live there. So we work hand in hand with you to maximize the style and create a home that reflects who you are and how you live.

We also know that few things can affect how much you enjoy your home more than where it’s located. So we actively pursue opportunities to build in the region’s most sought-after locations. We want to put you next to all the places you want to be.

Brookfield Residential also stands out from the crowd because of our commitment to becoming the Mid-Atlantic’s most innovative homebuilder. From energy efficiency to Smart Home automation , we’ve been on the leading edge of some of the latest advances.

All to save you money, make you more comfortable and make your lives easier.

Thank you for visiting our website. Let’s build your dream home.

Robert C. Hubbell
Brookfield Residential
Washington DC Business Group

Amenity-Rich Communities in Ideal Locations. Innovative, Energy-Efficient Homes. Exceptional Value.