How Brookfield Residential Can Empower You to Buy Your First Home

Empower By Brookfield Residential

What’s the last thing you used technology for? Finding a new lunch spot downtown? Paying your bills? The little devices we use every day help us accomplish all of life’s important tasks. They bring us closer to everything we want and everything we want to be, including a homeowner.

No more throwing money at rent, a place to design and decorate as you please … it’s easy to come up with reasons to purchase your first home. But, the process itself can be daunting, to say the least. Each of our innovative Empower features can be used to ease your mind and take your home buying experience from intimidating to easy and exciting.

Tour Your New Home on Your Time

With all of your daily responsibilities, finding the time to look for a home can be a real challenge. With the My Time Home Tour feature, you don’t have to schedule your day around ours. Just sign up for a tour and you can experience the home whenever it’s most convenient for you — after school, before work, on a Sunday … the homes are open and available for you almost any time of day.

Be Home in Less Than Two Months with My Style Quick-Move Homes

You’ve spent enough time waiting for your future to begin. With My Style Quick-Move Homes, that delay can become a thing of the past … at least when it comes to securing your new home. Before My Style features, choosing a home that is built and customized just for you meant sacrificing the gratification of a Move-In-Now home. Now, you don’t have to choose. You can personalize the flooring, tile, cabinets and fixtures, and your dream home will still be ready for you in less than two months.

Designed for How You Want to Live Now and Into the Future

Not only can innovative technology help you find a home, but it can also make it more connected when you’re inside. With My Command Smart Home Automation, you get access to cutting edge features, powered by Amazon Alexa. You can control the entertainment, security, lights and temperature of your home with speech commands, and so much more. Even your lawn sprinklers and window shades can be set up to respond to just the sound of your voice.

Avoid High Costs with New Construction and My Energy

For some, electricity bills can be the most foreboding part of a new home experience. Buying a newly made home can help relieve some of that stress. New construction means fewer energy vampires and more piece of mind. Plus, with Brookfield Residential’s My Energy innovations, you’re saving even more money. Our new homes are ranked 31 points higher than the average new home on the Home Energy Rating System due to all of our sustainable and renewable features, most of which come standard with all My Energy homes.

Stay Connected to Your New Home’s Construction Every Step of the Way

Your first home is, most likely, the largest and most important purchase you’ve made to date. Why wouldn’t you want to check up on it while it’s on its way to becoming the home of your dreams? With the My Apps feature, you can follow along with your home’s construction 24/7. Wherever you are, you’ll be able to see the current status of your new home, view the latest photos and any essential documents and stay informed of exactly what you need to do next. It takes all the guesswork out of getting ready for your new home.

Each of these Empower features has been designed and formatted to fit the needs of our new home shoppers, especially those ready to make the move up to homeownership. They streamline the process and help you choose and create the home that’s right for you now and for years to come.

Have any questions or want to learn more about the Empower features? Visit our website or give us a call. We’d be happy to help get you into the home of your dreams.

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Which Townhome Style in Silver Spring is Right for You?

Choose Your Townhome Style at Bradford's Landing

Coffee or tea? The highway or the scenic route? Each day, you’re faced with choices that’ll impact the rest of your day. What if choosing something to improve your whole life was just as easy?

Now, at Bradford’s Landing, it can be.

Conveniently located off of Norbeck Road between Georgia Avenue and the ICC, Bradford’s Landing features Brookfield Residential townhome designs for the lifestyle that suits you best.

Would friends describe you as “low-maintenance”? Do you prefer chic, urban design? Have you ever advised someone to “go with the flow”?

If this sounds like you, the Arbor Collection is the place to start your home shopping.

The Arbor Townhome Collection

This stylish, urban townhome collection, which includes the Magnolia and Sequoia floorplans, offers 20-foot-wide townhomes with rear-load garages starting from the $400’s. At nearly 2,000 square feet, they live like traditional townhomes with up to four bedrooms, four bathrooms and plenty of flexible spaces.

With these homes, you’ll have plenty of free space to organize your home as you see fit, adapting seamlessly to whatever comes your way. Plus, yard maintenance — and the stress that comes with it — are a thing of the past.

But, what if you prefer the finer things in life? Have you always envisioned personalizing your formal living and dining spaces? Does your household need room to grow, inside and out? Don’t worry. Bradford’s Landing has the perfect home for you, too.

The Galaxy Townhome Collection

Those seeking more space in their townhome can choose from the Aurora and Orion floorplans of the Galaxy Collection, starting from the $500’s. These 24-foot-wide townhomes truly live like single-family homes. The spacious, open floorplans include a conveniently located kitchen flanked by a large great room on one side and living and dining areas on the other.

With the personalization options of the Galaxy Collection, you can add up to 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, enough room to house your entire family and each of your honored guests. And, you can further “wow” them with up to 2,685 sq. ft. of space.

All of the townhomes at Bradford’s Landing do have some things in common: namely their incomparable Brookfield Residential quality and access to fun amenities, including a tot lot, natural playground, dog park, walking trails, outdoor fitness stations and more. Plus, convenient access to commuter routes connects you to everywhere you need to be.

What’s more, these townhomes are some of the first to implement the new Empower features by Brookfield Residential. These innovative tools are designed to improve every aspect of the home shopping process, empowering you to lead your home search with confidence.

To schedule a tour of Bradford’s Landing, visit or call 301.924.0506.

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Be a Super Bowl Party Host MVP with These 5 Essential Tips

Super Bowl Party Tips

Whether your beloved team didn’t make the underdog run you were hoping for, or your simply not a die-hard football fan in general, that’s no excuse for letting one of the year’s best opportunities to entertain pass you by. Every year, the Super Bowl presents one of the most popular communal events in American culture. And it’s the perfect time to welcome friends and family into your home to come together over food, fun and fellowship.

To help you set your game plan and get inspired for a championship-level super bowl party, we’ve put together some of our favorite and most frequently utilized tips to help.

Set the Stakes

With everyone coming together to watch the competition between the league’s best teams, it only feels right to inject some friendly competition into your party. Pick out a prize for the guest who gets closest to guessing the final score or shows up with the most spirited outfit. It’ll help ramp up the excitement for your event and get all your guests involved in the fun.

DIY Decorations

If you have a collection of football swag, this is obviously the time to show it off. But if you not, don’t fret, there are plenty of easy ways to incorporate a Super Bowl theme into your decor. A strip of astroturf makes a great centerpiece for your spread of snacks. Pick up some yellow napkins to mirror penalty flags. Decorate with the colors of the opposing teams.

Make It a Team Effort

Snacks and finger foods are the centerpiece of any Super Bowl viewing party, and you don’t need to bend over backward to do it all yourself. Your guests will be appreciative enough that you’re being an MVP and offering up your home to host the event. Call for a potluck and have each guest bring their favorite snack foods.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on frozen finger foods of all shapes and sizes. That way, if you’re running low on snacks, it’s as easy as setting the timer and putting a tray in the oven. You certainly don’t want to spend time laboring in the kitchen while the game is on. Trust us, overestimating the amount of food and beverages you need is much better than the alternative of running out mid-game.

Make It Easy on Yourself and Go Green

With many of your guests snacking, glued to the TV and occasionally erupting with competitive emotions, you should have cleaning supplies on hand to protect against the occasional spill. But you should also make the post-game clean up easy on yourself by using flatware that won’t take you ages to clean. Disposable plates are the lowest effort option, just make sure to recycle them. Otherwise, avoid ceramics or fancy heirloom serving dishes that are easy to break and will have to be scrubbed by hand.

More Than Just Football

There’s a lot more than just the game to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday. For those who aren’t big football fans, the absurdity of the commercials can be the most entertaining part of the game. And don’t forget Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, our favorite pre-game tradition where an adorable selection of canines compete for the “Most Valuable Puppy” award.

With all these entertainment options, it’s easy to find something for everyone to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday. And there are plenty of ways to turn up the fun and competition by creating your own party games. Some of our favorite ideas include commercial bingo or a cook-off competition where guests vote on who brought the best potluck dish.


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Unlock the Future of Home Shopping

Unlock the Future of Home Shopping with My Time Home Tours

Ask yourself, how would you like to find your new home?

Odds are you’d want the freedom to search on your own terms. To freely explore and discover your perfect fit without pressure. To be able to step inside on demand when you find a home your interested in. That’s exactly why we’ve pioneered My Time Home Tours: to reimagine the new home experience and put you in complete control.

Home Discovery Made Easy

Even if you’re ready to move, the reality is, life keeps moving ahead. There’s no way to hit pause on everything else. Whether you’re relocating states or moving up to more space in the same town, the hardest part of any decision can be fitting it into your busy schedule. But not anymore.

Since unveiling My Time Home Tours in the fall of 2018, more than a hundred home shoppers have used this tool to search for their new home. And it’s been used by home shoppers across the Mid-Atlantic region, from Annapolis, MD, to Winchester, VA. We’re proud to be the only builder to offer this innovative new program that allows you to tour already-built homes whenever works best for you. Before or after business hours. On your own. On your own time.

How It Works

We’ve built a new website dedicated to making access to My Time Home Tours as easy as possible. In as little as ten minutes, and four simple steps, you’ll be all set for your private tour.

Step #1: Tell Us What You’re Looking For

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.18.46 AM

Let us do the hard work for you. Select your price range, the location you’re looking to live and the base necessities you’ll need in your new home (number of beds and baths.) Submit your selections and you’ll instantly be provided with a collection of homes that fit your criteria.

Step #2: Select a Home to Tour

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.19.18 AM

Once you find a listing that you’re interested in, tap the button that reads “Schedule a Tour”. Next, confirm the terms & conditions and you’ll be transported to a new page showing all the available time slots from which you can schedule your My Time Home Tour.

Step #3: Confirm Your Tour

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.24.56 AM

Select your desired time slot. In order to confirm your appointment, you will need to set up an account. It’s as easy as filling in your name and contact info so we can send you the code that will unlock the door once you arrive to take your tour. Once registered, you’ll be able to simply log in for any future tours.

For the final confirmation, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. Don’t worry, the process is free of charge. You won’t be charged a cent! It’s just the final step of our verification process that will allow you to step inside a completed home without supervision.

Step #4: Receive the Code to Unlock the Door

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.25.47 AM

Once you complete the verification process, you’ll be prompted one final time to confirm the time slot for your tour. Tap to proceed and you’ll immediately receive a code onscreen to unlock the home you’ve selected to tour. This code will also be sent to you via text message and an email. The lock is very easy to use, but you can reference the email for a detailed video walkthrough on how to enter the code if you run into any difficulties.

You’ll have a full hour to tour the home starting at the time you selected. The code you’ve received will only be operational during this time slot.

Let’s Get Started

Start Your Home Search

Ready to begin your home search? Head to our My Time Home Tours site to get started today.

My Time Home Tours is just one feature of our new Empower program, a collection of six innovative tools revolutionizing the new home journey and giving you the power to take control of your new home experience. Learn more about Empower here.

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Set Yourself Up for Success with a New Home in the New Year

New Home in the New Year

Making a new year’s resolution is a great way to incentivize a positive change in your life. Whether it’s spending more time with family, increasing weekly exercise or improving money management, the promise and possibilities of a new year ahead can be a good motivator to stick with your resolution.

Resolution Success and Failure

But the truth is, according to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of new year’s resolutions aren’t followed through on. If we start off January 1with such good intentions, why do so many abandon their aspirational commitments in the first two weeks? The truth comes down to change. Like a muscle, some people have trained themselves to better adapt to change. But for most of us, change can be daunting and keeping the discipline to embrace a small change that affects your everyday routine can be the most difficult of all.

For those considering these deeper questions, we have the perfect solution. Make the move to a new home in the new year and you’ll have a brand new slate to start fresh, to reset your routines and to live your best life in an innovative home designed to empower your family to achieve.

Achieve Your Dreams with a New Home

With a wide selection of Move-In-Now Homes to choose from, you can find the perfect new home in your ideal location across the Mid-Atlantic region and be home soon — just in time to fulfill that resolution.  

You’ll be surprised at how much a change in your environment can help you embrace positive routines and achieve your new year’s resolution. Plus, features like the latest Smart Home technology innovations can help you live more efficient and productive. And the assurance of new construction means you won’t be burdened by the worries of maintenance that you might experience in an older resale home.

The start of 2019 is just days away. Have you made a resolution to live better in the new year? Find the right fit for your family with one of our Move-In-Now Homes and set yourself up for success.

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Use These 5 Easy Tips to Save Energy During the Holidays

Energy Saving During the Holidays

From lighting up your home’s decorations to making the most of your kitchen’s appliances for family dinners, the fun and excitement of the holiday season certainly find ways to add up on your monthly energy bill. Add in the cold winter weather, and this time of year can be quite costly if you’re not careful. Use these easy holiday energy tips to save money and conserve energy in your home throughout the season.

Update Your Holiday Lights

If you haven’t updated your holiday lights in the past decade or if you’ve been using hand-me-down decorations from a family member, it’s definitely a good idea to check if they are LEDs or the old-style incandescents.

On average, LED lights are 90% more energy efficient than the alternative. After 40 nights of lighting your house for the holiday, the energy savings related to using LED lights can translate to considerable savings. In addition, LED holiday lights last longer and are less likely to pose a fire risk than their incandescent counterparts.

Limit the Time Your Lights Are On

Done right, a holiday light display can be breathtaking to adults and kids alike. So much so, that it can be hard to turn off the magic. To be most efficient, however, it’s important to turn them off when there isn’t an audience to enjoy them.

Wait to turn on lights until the sun has set and then turn them off before bed. The best way to achieve this is to set your lights up on a timer, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting or heading outside in the cold every night.

Ensure Your Gifts Are ENERGY STAR-Certified

From high-tech gadgets to home appliances, there are sure to be plenty of electronic gifts circulating this holiday season. Do your part to help others live energy-efficient by ensuring that every electronic item you gift is ENERGY STAR-certified.

Prepare for Guests

If you know that you’ll have lots of friends and family coming and going during the holiday season, it’s a good idea to check the entryways of your home to ensure you’re doing the most to conserve valuable energy. Consider installing a storm door to keep as much heat as possible inside. Or simply tidy up the garage so that you can use that as a more casual entry. The garage will buffer some of the heat loss that would normally occur when guests enter through the front door.

If you have a lot of guests in your home at one time, feel free to turn down the thermostat a few degrees. With more people inside the home, body heat can actually have a substantial warming effect on room temperature.

Unplug for Holiday Travel

Going out of town for the holidays? Whether you’re visiting family in another city or heading abroad in search of sun and warmer temperatures, your trip provides an excellent opportunity to save energy in your home.

Unplug non-essential items before you leave. TVs, Bluetooth devices, printers, alarm clocks, phone chargers and more all use energy when they’re plugged into the wall. You should also turn down the heat a few degrees and open blinds to soak in as much sunlight as possible.

If you own a Brookfield Residential home with Smart Home technology, you’re in luck. Since you can control the heating remotely, you can turn down the heat while you’re away but also make sure it’s warm and toasty the moment you step foot back inside the door.

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Which of These Exciting New Year’s Eve Events Will You Attend?

New Year's Eve Celebrations

If you want to welcome in 2019 in style, the nation’s capital is brimming with exciting celebrations. From family-friendly events to next-level dance parties, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Which of these 4 popular New Year’s Eve events most interests you?

First Night Alexandria

Multiple Locations  | 6:00pm

D.C.’s sister city on the Potomac will ring in the new year with hundreds of performers, kids activities and midnight fireworks. Get started at the Kids Karnival in Del Ray before heading into Old Town for a wide-ranging lineup of live music and before finishing the night with fireworks over the Potomac River.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Dinner Cruise

580 Water Street SW, DC  | 8:00pm-1:00am

Climb aboard the renowned Odyssey cruise ship and take to the water for a night to remember. Enjoy dinner, an open bar, live band entertainment and a champagne toast at midnight as you pass by the monuments along the Potomac and catch midnight fireworks from Old Town Alexandria.

The 17th Annual International Spy Gala

Washington Plaza Hotel  | 9:00pm

Transform into an international agent of espionage for this black-tie New Year’s Eve bash. This upscale affair features five international buffets, dessert stations, and a wide selection of timeless hits by top D.C. DJs and live bands. Enjoy mock casino gambling, themed souvenirs and much more. And you’ll certainly enjoy the open bar, regardless of how you like your martini prepared.

BIG NIGHT DC’s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

The Gaylord National Resort & Hotel  | 9:00pm-3:00am

This is your ideal New Year’s Eve event for non-stop action, all night long. Ring in 2019 with over 9,000 other party goers at National Harbor’s Gaylord Resort. With more than fifteen themed party areas, five dance floors and a huge DJ and band lineup, this is New Year’s Eve on a scale you’ll only find at National Harbor.


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5 D.C.-Area Holiday Celebrations to Get You in the Spirit of the Season

Seasonal Holiday Celebrations

From Northern Virginia to Annapolis, there is a full host of exciting holiday events in and around the Nation’s capital to enjoy with friends and family. Find one close to you and get into the spirit of the season.

For the Capital Experience:

The 2018 National Christmas Tree Lighting
Washington, D.C. | November 28

The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony draws thousands from across the country to see the massive Christmas tree raised outside the White House come alive with the spirit of the season. And although the opening ceremony is tonight, it’s only the start of three weeks of celebration and holiday music in the nation’s capital. The full schedule with be announced soon, so be sure to check in on the official website to plan your visit.

For a “Wild” Holiday Light Show:

Washington, D.C.  | Now – January 1

Visit the National Zoo after hours for a one-of-a-kind holiday light show. This popular annual event lights up the National Zoo with more than 500,000 festive holiday lights. Wish your favorite zoo animals happy holidays and enjoy a trackless holiday train tour of the zoo, live music, animated light displays, seasonal treats and much more! Admission is free.

For Historic, Small-Town Holiday Charm:

Leesburg’s Annual Christmas and Holiday Parade
Leesburg, VA  | December 8

Join Santa and his friends on King Street and take part in their journey through historic Leesburg. Stop in and warm up at the many shops and acclaimed restaurants along the way as your family enjoys all the magic of the holidays in one of Northern Virginia’s most charming towns.

For a Holiday Light Show on the Water:

Sandy Point State Park’s Lights on the Bay
Annapolis, MD  | Now – January 1

Grab family and friends and pile in the car for a trip out to the water’s edge. Arriving at Sandy Point State Park, enjoy a two-mile scenic drive along the Chesapeake Bay and take in unique holiday light displays that speak to the history and culture of Annapolis along with much-beloved holiday classics. Admission is $15 per car.

For a New Look at a Holiday Classic:

ICE!® Featuring a Charlie Brown Christmas
National Harbor, MD  | Now – January 1

The Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center’s signature holiday attraction is an indoor winter wonderland featuring over two million pounds of ice sculptures and displays. Watch Charlie Brown rediscover the meaning of Christmas as the beloved story unfolds through hand-carved ice sculptures. It also features four two-story-tall ice slides and a full ice sculpture nativity scene.


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4 New Home Owner’s Suite Designs Equipped for the Ultimate Holiday Escape

Owner’s Suite Designs for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the excitement of the upcoming holiday season is impossible to ignore. It’s a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, to captivate your kids with the magic of the season and give gifts to those you love. But on top of already hectic daily routines, it can be hard to stay cool, calm and collected in order to savor the season for yourself.

That’s why you deserve an escape from it all. A place for a power nap, bubble bath or a hidden corner to wrap presents. A place to relax and get well rested. Take a look at some of our most popular owner’s suite designs that can help lighten the load and get inspired to make the most of the holiday season

The Fillmore at Avendale

The Fillmore Owner's Suite

If the opulent owner’s suite shown on the cover attracted your eye, then this is the design for you. The Fillmore stands out as one of our most popular home designs at Avendale, a family-friendly community in Bristow, VA. And the model’s owner’s suite is equally exceptional.

From the color palette of silver and powder grey to the elevated coffered ceiling, this owner’s suite is sure to soothe the senses and lift the weight from your shoulders. The adjacent sitting room is enclosed with three window-filled walls, welcoming in natural light and providing a perfect overlook to take in the winter wonderland outside after it snows.

The Annapolis at Admirals Square

The Annapolis Owner's Suite

Abscond to the third floor and your private oasis in this modern, high-style townhome in Annapolis. Open the shades to soak up some vitamin D from ample windows or close the shades and settle into bed. Plus, you’ll enjoy the spacious walk-in closet, where you can keep your favorite holiday sweater fresh for the season — as opposed to stuffed away in storage.

The Annapolis townhome design also offers an optional 4th level, which can feature a loft space and additional bedroom or a spacious rooftop terrace. While the rooftop terrace provides a wonderful outdoor space during the warmer months, you might not be quite as eager to head out there over the holidays — except possibly to catch New Year’s fireworks over Annapolis. Choose the loft, however, and you’ll have an additional retreat to relax and unwind or to set up a holiday gift workshop to wrap presents.  

The Kensington II at Potomac Shores

The Kensington II Owner's Suite

Similar to the Fillmore, the Kensington II at Potomac Shores provides a grandly spacious bedroom featuring a coffered ceiling. Instead of a sitting room, the Kensington II features an outdoor terrace to take in the beautiful scenery along the Potomac River. If you’re lucky, some seasonal snowfall will transform this terrace into a vista to look out over the winter landscape below.

The most spectacular part about this owner’s suite, though, is experienced when you step inside the owner’s spa bathroom. From the granite counters of the double vanity to the spacious walk-in shower, from the spa-style bath to the soothing powder blue color palette, this bathroom will provide all the pampering you could need during the busy holiday season.

The Cresswell at The Bluffs at Sleeter Lake

The Cresswell Owner's Suite

One of our newest, most-exciting neighborhoods, The Bluffs at Sleeter Lake in Round Hill, Virginia, offers the perfect setting for the holidays. Set in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and offering multi-acre conservation homesites, this is a place where you can spread out and enjoy the beautiful Virginia countryside while still being convenient to business centers in Loudoun and Fairfax counties as well as D.C. Due to its western location closer to the mountains, it’s also where you’re most likely to wake up to a beautiful blanket of snow.

Inside, the Cresswell model’s owner’s suite is located on the main level, providing ultimate comfort and accessibility. Yet it’s also set off from the main, open-concept center of the house where you’ll find the kitchen and living areas, so you’ll still have plenty of privacy. A coffered ceiling, wall molding and stunning hardwood floors complete this owner’s suite with the finest finishes.

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Why Prince William and Loudoun Counties Have Become Northern Virginia’s Hottest New Home Destinations

Country Charm. City Close.

It’s true that the D.C. region has one of the hottest housing markets in the country. Home prices continue to rise as demand grows. In Northern Virginia, Fairfax County has been the place to settle for decades due to its close proximity to the city. But now, more and more families are looking further out for more space to spread out and to find more breathing room in their budget. And with improving commuter access from these locales to downtown D.C., these communities continue to boom in popularity.

What Home Shoppers Love About Loudoun County

With its county seat in the historic city of Leesburg, Loudoun County once primarily consisted of small farming communities, historic sites and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Today, the county runs the gamut, where the easternmost locations have transformed into family-friendly suburbs located just 30 miles from Washington, D.C., and western parts of the county consist mostly of farmlands, horse pastures and award-winning wineries.

It’s true that, since 2008, the county has been ranked first in the U.S. in median household income, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for many first-time homebuyers in the area. Certain pockets of the county are home to grand multi-million dollar estates that skews this figure, but there are still plenty of affordable new homes. New home neighborhoods like Mayfair in Purcellville and Waterford Manor near Leesburg have become hotspots for home shoppers looking to spread their roots and raise their families in Northern Virginia.

Ultimately, this location has become such popular place for home shoppers because the county offers such an attractive mix of experiences. The comfort and convenience of the suburbs mix with the natural beauty of the Virginia countryside. For families with children, Loudoun County is also highly desired due to its ranking as the 3rd best school district in the state. And access into the city will only get better when the second phase of the Silver Metro Line is completed — connecting Dulles International Airport in Loudoun County with downtown D.C.

What Home Shoppers Love About Prince William County

Located to the south of Washington, D.C., Prince William County offers many of the same attractive lifestyle considerations as Loudoun County does in the western part of the region. This area has seen incredible growth in the past few decades and now mixes beautiful, open spaces with modern, suburban-friendly development with tons of options for shopping and entertainment.  

Prince William County also offers a variety of commuter options. With the I-95 corridor intersecting the county and the recent opening of I-95 express lanes, you’ll have a straight shot in and out of D.C. But more and more commuters are choosing to forego automobile traffic entirely and board the Virginia Railway Express commuter train that connects with the D.C. Metro.

Arguably, the best example of this attractive lifestyle can be enjoyed at the master-planned community of Potomac Shores. It combines the allure of the county’s beautiful natural spaces with resort-style amenities, retail and entertainment options along the Potomac River. The community will even be opening its own VRE Station in 2020, so residents heading into D.C. will be able to escape the Northern Virginia traffic gridlock entirely.

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