Work in Complete Comfort with a Perfectly Designed Home Office

It’s a wired world we’re living in. More and more, a home office is a necessity, rather than a luxury.

If you work from home regularly, or even just occasionally, then you know what a difference it makes to have a dedicated, comfortable place to get your work done. That’s why most Brookfield floorplans include a built-in study and other home designs feature flexible spaces that you can mold into your ideal home office.

You’re likely going to be spending long hours in your study, so it’ll be time well spent when you design it to maximize your productivity and creativity. Ask yourself these questions as you begin to plan your space:

What type of environment do you work best in?

Do you like bright colors, natural light and a scenic view? If so, choose bold colors and leave your windows wide open. Or maybe you need isolation to minimize distraction. You’ll want a door you can close and blinds to keep your mind from wandering outside the window.

Are you analog or digital? Or both?

If you need to hold hard copies in your hands, think about built-in bookshelves or a filing cabinet to hold all your important documents. But if you’re working completely from the cloud, you’ll have plenty of extra space to add a window seat or a couch, when you need a break from your desk chair.

What inspires you?

Decorate  your office with the things that motivate you to do your best work. Maybe it’s a few favorite photos of your family. Maybe it’s a favorite quote, framed and hung on the wall. Or a vase filled with bright, cheery flowers. Whatever you choose, always surround yourself with the things that create an environment of productivity.

What distracts you?

Sure a TV in your office sounds like a good idea, but is it? If you get sucked in to your favorite show, you’re probably not getting a lot of work done. So be sure to minimize your distractions so you can do your very best work.

As you search for design ideas, be sure to come out to a Brookfield community and tour our professionally designed model homes. You’ll find some great inspiration for your brand new home office.

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Preferred Lenders Give You a Head Start on Buying Your New Home

If you want to make buying your new home as enjoyable as possible, it’s important that you can trust the people you’re working with.

At Brookfield Residential, we go to great lengths to make sure you have all the information you need to choose just the right home for you and to get you into it with as little stress as possible. You’ll know that you can trust Brookfield. You also need to be able to trust your financial partner.

That’s why we’ve created a list of preferred lenders that we recommend to our buyers. These lenders are members of major regional and national financial networks, and because they’ve helped many other customers successfully buy new Brookfield homes, we know that they understand the process and they do things the right way.

They’ll get you the most competitive rates and find the financing package that’s perfect for you.


Peter J. Kalian

Fairfax, VA

Did You Know: Atlantic Coast offers an easy online mortgage calculator and you can get your loan process started quickly by filling out an easy online application.


Tracy Siegel and Sean Fritts

Fairfax, VA

Did You Know: McLean Mortgage can help you jump-start your search by providing you a pre-approval Loan First™ certificate. You’ll know exactly how much you qualify for, providing you peace of mind and added negotiating power.


Christian Hartung and Carol O’Connell

Alexandria, VA

Did You Know: George Mason Mortgage has been ranked by the Washington Business Journal as one of the top area lenders and was named one of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America.


Rich Alex

Greenbelt, MD

Did You Know: First Home Mortgage has a wealth of online tools to help you get started on your loan, including an active, fun and informative Facebook page.

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The PureBlue Home Opens This Weekend at Avendale in Bristow

The anticipation is killing us.

Make sure you come out and celebrate with us Saturday, March 21st at the Grand Opening of The PureBlue Home at Avendale from 11am to 2pm.

Like BMW’s concept cars, PureBlue is our new concept home, designed to test the limits of innovation, efficiency and design. We’re using it as a test lab to study a wide range of new technologies, products and construction methods. We’ll take the lessons it teaches us and make the best features and options available throughout our homes and communities in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

“We’re trying to create the next generation of homes and PureBlue is an effort to try to push us there,” said Robert Hubbell, president of Brookfield Residential’s Washington, D.C., division. “We challenged ourselves to come up with a new design that also is energy efficient, so that we can talk about a program where housing can sustain itself.”

The results we’re seeing so far are extremely encouraging. From our preliminary estimate, we’d expect the home to score a minus-3 on the industry’s standard Home Energy Ratings Index. To put that in perspective, a standard home built just five years ago scores a 103.

We’ll keep trying new things and keep studying, but in the meantime, we’re inviting you to come out and see for yourself. It’s not just an extraordinarily energy-efficient home. It’s also stylish and beautiful.

As you tour the home, you can stop in each room and learn about the new technology we’ve implemented. You’ll see how we’ve done it while maintaining — and maybe even exceeding — the level of stunning design we’ve become known for.

We think this is the future of Brookfield. And we think you’re going to love it.

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Brookfield Honored for Conservation Efforts

Brookfield Residential always takes great care to build our communities in harmony with the land they reside on. That’s why we’re especially honored to be recognized in the 2014 Fairfax County Land Conservation and Tree Preservation Awards.

Our award in the Large Single Family Residential category is a testament to the painstaking efforts we undertake when planning and building each Brookfield community. The goal is always to build the best community we can with the least impact to the existing ecosystem.

We preserve trees at every opportunity. We go out of our way to minimize flooding and reduce erosion. Our communities become a part of the landscape, rather than an intrusion upon it.

More and more, Brookfield Residential is an innovator in eco-friendly homebuilding. Our new PureBlue concept home is a great example of the dynamic ideas that we’re turning into reality. The PureBlue home is a game changer in energy efficiency and sustainable building. For example, we’re capturing and reusing rainwater, while utilizing a drip irrigation system and low-water plants.

We’re proud of this award and committed to taking conservation to the next level.

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Apply Today for the Lisa Sechrist Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Lisa Sechrist was a Brookfield Residential employee who lost her life in 1996 when a domestic violence incident escalated beyond her control.

She was just 32 years old.

To honor her memory, Brookfield banded together to create the Lisa Sechrist Memorial Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to provide support and shelter for women in abusive situations and to prevent those situations altogether by helping young women get off to a better start in life.

The foundation’s annual scholarship is designed to do just that.

The deadline to apply for this year’s Lisa Sechrist Memorial Foundation Scholarship is March 31. One deserving young woman will receive a scholarship worth up to $2,500 a year for a maximum of four years to be used for college tuition and related expenses.

Lisa Sechrist’s family believed that her death was in part due to her inability to remove herself from a dangerous situation. With a better education, more self-esteem and more opportunities, they believe her death could have been avoided.

Those are precisely the things that the foundation aims to provide, giving young women an opportunity to see past their challenges and create a bright future.

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Brookfield’s New Energy-Efficient PureBlue Concept Home Opening Soon

Are you ready to Experience the Innovation?

We’re just a few weeks away from opening the doors to the most ambitious eco-friendly home project in our company’s long history.

PureBlue is a new concept home built to test the limits of innovation, efficiency and design, to explore the latest technologies and find out how they fit with the way homeowners want to live today, tomorrow and far beyond. The lessons we learn will help us build better, healthier, more energy-efficient homes.

To learn more about the PureBlue project and watch videos of the home taking shape, visit

“We set out to build a Net Zero home, but we knew it had to be more than that,” said Robert C. Hubbell, president of Brookfield’s Washington division. “In addition to being extraordinarily energy efficient, it had to be beautiful and functional. The PureBlue Home is all of those things. We challenged our team to build something truly innovative, and they did not disappoint.”

The list of next-generation features included in The PureBlue Home is long and detailed. The features are focused on improving energy efficiency, making life easier and healthier for residents, and building upon Brookfield’s reputation for smart, stylish design. Among the favorites:

Supreme Energy Efficiency

  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) replace stud-framed walls, creating a stronger, tighter seal to bring greater efficiency and savings.

  • The hybrid hot water heater provides outstanding performance while requiring significantly less energy.

  • A high-efficiency HVAC system ensures clean, healthy air is always circulating.

Harnessing Nature’s Resources

  • Solar panels on the roof harness the sun’s energy and minimize consumption.

  • The grey water system minimizes flooding, erosion and runoff, while reducing water usage.

Sustainable and Beautiful

  • The stunning kitchen bar top has been repurposed from a black walnut tree removed during development and fashioned by furniture artist Vicco Von Voss.

  • Eco Veneer bamboo cabinets provide a sleek, beautiful look created with strong, sustainable materials.

  • Landscaping is highlighted by native, low-water plants that are easily maintained with a drip irrigation system.

“The PureBlue Home really is a glimpse into the future of homebuilding, not just for Brookfield but for the entire industry,” Hubbell said. “We’re excited to see this home coming to life and looking forward to all the ways we can use lessons learned from this project to build the very best homes we can for all of our homeowners.”

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What’s It Like to Buy with Brookfield? Our Homebuyers Give Glowing Reviews

Buying a new home is an exciting time in your life. It’s an opportunity to build the home you want, in the place you want, creating the lifestyle that you’ve dreamed of.

It’s big.

So you want a homebuilder you can trust and a team of professionals who truly have your best interests at heart. We strive every day to make dreams come true. We hope we can do the same for you.

If you want to know what it’s like to buy a new Brookfield home, start by checking out what our recent homebuyers are saying in their customer testimonials. It’s worth a read.

But if you want the short version, here’s a little something we worked up highlighting some of our favorite words that homebuyers have used to describe our team, their experience and their new homes.

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Customer Testimonials Reflect the Brookfield Experience

A lot goes into building a new home. From the moment you walk into the sales center until the day you get the keys to your new home, so much happens within a matter of months.

Our job is to make sure you enjoy the experience. After all, building your dream home should be fun.

When you read our customer testimonials, you’ll understand just how important our Brookfield team members are to this process. From our sales team to our construction team, everyone is committed to making sure your voice is heard and that you ideas and desires are incorporated into the home.

Open communication is the key to everything. You’ll have our office numbers, our cell numbers and our email addresses. We’ll keep you updated on progress and help lead you from each step to the next as we check all the boxes necessary to deliver your beautiful, brand new home right on time.

Here are some of our favorite reviews from customers who truly enjoyed their Brookfield experience:

“Very knowledgeable staff. All Brookfield staff were responsive to all of our questions and went above and beyond to exceed our expectations.”

- Avendale Single Family Home Customer
Bristow, VA
November 2014

“Brookfield worked hard to hit a settlement date and accomodate. Sales rep and construction superintendent were excellent.”

- Avendale Single Family Home Customer
Bristow, VA
October 2014

“Very, very happy with our new home; Brookfield has gone above and beyond my expectations with quality and service.”

- Preserve at Goose Creek Single Family Home Customer
Ashburn, VA
June 2014

“Great sales reps. Peter was awesome, and Amanda and Rosie. All of them. I had a great experience and felt in the loop from signing the contract to signing closing papers. Thanks much.”

- Snowden Bridge Single Family Home Customer
Stephenson, VA
June 2014

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A New Standard of Green Building at Belmont Glen Village

At Brookfield, we take energy efficiency seriously. It’s important for homebuyers and it’s important for the environment.

Our new homes at Belmont Glen Village in Ashburn, VA, are the perfect example of our commitment to building eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes. Every home is built to meet the specifications of the National Green Building Standard™, created by the National Association of Homebuilders and the International Code Council.

The homes are tested and certified through a stringent third-party system that ensures outstanding performance in six critical areas: Site Design, Resource Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality and Building Operation & Maintenance.

The initiative is part of our Brookfield Blue program, providing homeowners with a wide selection of eco-friendly features designed to save money and create a healthier environment.

At Belmont Glen Village, you get a new level of energy efficiency and a new level of luxury in a family-friendly community with wooded homesites and amenities. You’ll love the swimming pool and bathhouse, the tot lot and the scenic walking trails. All close to outstanding Loudoun County schools.

Live green and live in luxury at Belmont Glen Village.

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Buying A New Home vs. Resale? Make the Smart Move.

We see it a lot with first-time visitors to our model homes. They’re intrigued by the idea of buying a newly built home, but they’re still weighing the benefits of buying new versus resale.

Here are a few of the reasons we share with them about why buying new is the best bet:

A New Home Means You Get Exactly What You Want

When you build a home, you have a say in the floorplan, the overall style and all the design finishes. You’ll choose the flooring, the cabinets, the fixtures, even the colors on the walls. It’s your home and your choice.

A New Home Means Less Maintenance

Maybe it’s a new roof or a new air conditioning unit. Maybe the carpets need to be replaced. When you buy resale, it’s going to happen. And sooner than you’d like. When you buy a Brookfield home, everything is new and high-quality. You can find comfort in that.

A New Home Comes With a Peace of Mind Warranty

A Brookfield home comes with a two-year builder’s warranty and a 10-year limited warranty. That gives you a level of security you just can’t get with resale.

A New Home Saves Money With Energy Efficiency

Every home Brookfield builds exceeds the standards of energy efficiency, meaning you’ll see savings on your utilities every month. You can even choose to ramp up the efficiency with options from our Brookfield Blue portfolio.

A New Home Can Be Ready Right Now

If you love the idea of a new home, but not the thought of waiting for it to be built, choose from our wide selection of Move-In-Now Homes. You’ll find the designs and the features you want, and you can move in right away.

It’s your home and it’s your choice. When you’re ready, make the smart move.

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