10 Tips for Managing Stress on Moving Day

It’s no secret that moving can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can follow to help reduce the stress. Consider these 10 suggestions for making sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.


  1. Plan Diligently. Set aside time to plan out your move. Visualizing every element of this process will make things easier when the move happens.
  2. Mark Fragile Items. Marking fragile objects will help to keep everything intact throughout the move. You’ll be far more comfortable knowing that your fragile items will receive special attention during the move.
  3. Spread the Word. Rather than waiting until after you’ve moved, notify your friends, family, doctors, accountants, banks, insurance companies and other businesses that you patronize of your new address. If you’re currently renting, give your landlord a notice in writing—within the time frame specified by your lease agreement—that you are moving. Don’t forget to change your address at the post office!
  4. Hire a Sitter. Nothing is more important than your kids and/or your pets. Make the moving process that much easier for yourself and for them by hiring a sitter (off-site sitters are recommended) so that you can focus on the move.
  5. Be There. Even if you’ve invested thousands of dollars to hire professional movers, it’s still important for you to be at your old home until everything has been moved out. You’ll be able to answer any questions, and you’ll feel better knowing that you can give the house a final walk-through to make sure that everything has been loaded.
  6. Clean Up Before and After. Reduce the amount of stuff you’ll need to move by holding a yard sale or donating unwanted items. After packing, have the house cleaned from top to bottom. If you’d rather clean it yourself than pay someone else to do it, make sure you have the cleaning supplies you need ahead of time.
  7. Save a Spot. Don’t wait until moving day to find out if the moving truck will have enough space to start loading. If you live in a city, check with local officials to find out if you can get a permit to reserve parking space during your move. You can also check with neighbors to see if they’ll help you save a spot.
  8. Make an “Open First” Box. This is the box that you’ll pack last and unload first. This should contain essential items that you’ll need while you try to get everything in order in your new home. Things like toilet paper, towels, pillows and toiletries should be put in here, but there are plenty of other important items that you might want to pack as well.
  9. Set Up Your Utilities. Schedule your phone, cable, gas and electric installation services for your new home in advance. It’ll be one less thing to worry about once you move, and you’ll know that it’ll be ready once you arrive.
  10. Take Inventory. While you pack, take inventory of your possessions. An inventory is a detailed list of your possessions as well as their estimated current value. It’s a great way to ensure that you have the proper insurance to cover your items, and it will put your mind at ease if you ever have to file an insurance claim.

Although this list covers only a fraction of the helpful moving advice available, following these 10 simple tips will make your move immeasurably easier, and you’ll be glad that you found ways to reduce stress. Remember, whether you’re moving into a new home soon or moving later, it’s never too early to be prepared!

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Brookfield Builds for Families: Great School Districts Make It an Easy Choice

One of the most important considerations for families buying a new home is how close their community will be to quality schools. Parents want to know that their kids will  be comfortable in a new environment and that their kids can receive a top-notch education once they move.


Fortunately for homebuyers looking in Maryland, Delaware and Northern Virginia, Brookfield Residential has made it a focal point over the past 50+ years to create family-friendly communities near the area’s finest school systems. We know that family is important and that you’re not going to be comfortable in your new home unless you know that your children are in the right educational environment. We understand that amazing amenities only tell half the story, and you can expect that every one of our many neighborhoods offers access to a quality education for your kids.

With a wide selection of Move-In-Now Homes available at Brookfield communities, getting settled into a new home (and school) can be a lot easier than you think. Search all of our Move-In-Now Homes today and find the right home and community for your entire family!

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Discover Natural Beauty and Unparalleled Luxury at Waterford Manor


Imagine you’ve just stepped out your back door. Have a look around. Admire the views and all the space.

Glance toward your garden growing full and green, your children chasing each other across the yard. Look beyond to the sweeping panorama of the rolling countryside. You’ll feel like you’ve just bought a home in some quiet, remote locale.

But Waterford Manor is just minutes outside of Leesburg, VA, and all the vibrant life that surrounds its beautiful downtown. With gorgeous homesites on 3+ acres in Loudoun County (a rarity) and stunning, spacious home designs (pure luxury) you’ve found what so many people are searching for.

It’s the stylish home that Pinterest boards are made of and views fit for a postcard. New beauty shows itself with each new season and you’ll find more reasons every day to love life at Waterford Manor.

BR WM Fillmore II 07Schedule a visit today and tour our new, fully decorated Fillmore II model. It’s the first we’ve ever built and it’s one you have to see.

Luxurious single family homes on 3+ acres start from the $600’s at Waterford Manor.


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More Amenities On the Way at the Already Amazing Eagle Springs


When you choose your new home in this all-inclusive, active-adult resort community, you’re getting more than four walls of comfort and style. You’re buying into a complete lifestyle, a place where your days are what you make them — lively, relaxing or somewhere in between.

At Eagle Springs at Heritage Shores, we’re always working to build on this sensational lifestyle in tax-friendly Bridgeville, DE. Here’s a look at some of the new amenities we’ve recently opened and some that are just around the corner.

The Frozen Farmer is now open! And we’re loving it.

Smoothies, popsicles, ice cream and sorbet aren’t necessarily the things that come to mind when you think “farm to table,” but that’s exactly what you get from the Evans family farm here in Bridgeville. The Frozen Farmer shop at Eagle Springs has been a delicious hit this summer. Enjoy a cool treat and support local farmers at the same time.

There’s no match for the fun at our new tennis and pickleball courts.

Grab your favorite doubles partner and a couple of neighbors and start your day with a friendly tennis match. Or try pickleball. It’s one of the fastest growing sports around. It’s easy to learn and it’s fun from Day 1. We’re still adding the finishing touches to our courts, but they’re all open and ready for you to take a swing today.

Residents are loving our new bocce courts, too.

Games can be loose and relaxed or downright competitive. Either way, it’s always a good time and our bocce courts have become a real hot spot in the community since their recent opening. Ready to try your skills?

The renovated fitness center will be ready soon.

Staying fit and having fun will be more enjoyable than ever. We’re in the process of updating our fitness center, including plenty of the latest exercise equipment on the market. Stay tuned for more updates!

Get ready to shop The Sugar Beet Market.

The latest addition to the shopping offerings at Eagle Springs at Heritage Shores is coming along nicely and we’re anticipating a fall opening. We’re also finishing up the boardwalk to add another unique touch to the Sugar Beet experience.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a visit to preview these exciting amenities and tour 3 fully decorated brand new models, featuring brand new designs to fit what home shoppers have told us they want to see.

Stylish, single-level living starts from the $200’s at Eagle Springs at Heritage Shores.

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Don’t Let Summer Energy Bills Burn You Up

Even in the most energy-efficient homes, the cost to cool your home in the summer can be more expensive than you’d like.

It’s true that air conditioners use about 5 percent of all energy produced in the United States, with Americans spending 11 billion dollars a year to run their AC units. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take control of your energy-saving efforts right now.

Here are some easy ways to help keep your home cool and your energy bill low this summer.

Blog4Keep the Heat Out. Watch the Savings Flow in.

Prevent warm air from leaking into your home by sealing cracks and openings around the house. If you’ve been in  your home a while, check caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows to make sure cool air stays in and warm air stays out.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly.

Schedule regular maintenance on your cooling system to ensure that your air conditioning unit is operating properly and isn’t costing you money because it needs cleaning, recharging or repair. An air conditioner that is running properly is going to keep you cooler and save you money.

The Thermostat Gives You Complete Control. Use It Wisely.

The most powerful tool you have in your energy-saving arsenal is your thermostat. By setting your thermostat as high as comfortably possible, you’ll keep the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures to a minimum and lower the impact that your cooling system has on your energy bill. Programmable thermostats like those that come standard as part of our energy-efficient Brookfield Blue initiative allow you to keep your home at a cooler temperature when you’re home and warmer when you’re not. This will prevent unnecessary cooling and will save you money in the end.

In the Battle to Lower Your Summer Energy Bill, the Kitchen is Key.

So much of what goes into your summer energy bill comes from your kitchen. From the appliances you use to how much food you have in your house, your kitchen is the frontline in the war on summertime energy bills.

Energy Star appliances , like those found in new Brookfield homes, ensure that your appliances don’t waste energy when they’re not being used. Filling your fridge with plenty of food will help prevent excess warming when the door is opened, and it’ll keep it from having to work harder during the warm summer months.

Did you know? Brookfield homes are naturally more energy efficient than the average home.

All of our homes already save energy and money through our energy-saving initiative, Brookfield Blue. Each new Brookfield home includes features such as Energy Star® appliances, programmable thermostats and advanced framing techniques. You can choose to add even more of the latest innovative, energy-efficient features to help save even more money on your energy bills every month.


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Dive into a Safe Experience at the Pool this Summer

Blog3The sun is out, the kids are ready to go, and you’re on your way to the pool for another fun, relaxing summer day with the family. While the warm weather is a perfect invitation to have fun outside and in the water, you’ll need to be prepared to have the best experience possible.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your family have both a fun and safe day at the pool.

Pack the Sunscreen. Plenty of It.

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or taking a dip, you will want to make sure that this cool activity doesn’t leave your family feeling burned.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the primary cause of skin cancer, but you can minimize your family’s risk by keeping the sunscreen handy. Pack sunscreen that is rated at 30 SPF or above (with both UVA and UVB spectrum protection) and apply it every two hours.

Keep Your Kids Hydrated.

Just because your kids are spending the day in the water doesn’t mean that they’ll stay properly hydrated. Because kids are much more prone to dehydration than adults, you’ll need to keep a close eye on how much water your family is drinking throughout the day. It’s recommended that kids and teens drink nine ounces of water every 20 minutes during periods of physical activity.

Enjoy the Day but Don’t Let Your Guard Down.

Going swimming is one of the best ways to keep your kids cool and entertained, but even if you’re just relaxing poolside, you’ll need to stay aware of where your kids are and what they’re doing.

Most importantly, never let your kids swim without adult supervision. Aside from being the best way to prevent any pool mishaps or accidents, it’s a great way to spend some time with your little ones.

Trying to keep your cool in the summer heat but wish the pool was a little closer to home? Most Brookfield communities include beautiful swimming pools  or are located near recreational swimming pools. It’s easy to make a splash during the summer when your community is so conveniently located!


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Easy Ways to Add Style to Your Outdoor Space


It’s natural to flip through home magazines and marvel, with more than a little envy, at the gorgeous decks and patios.

But here’s a little secret: It doesn’t take a lot of know-how or a lot of effort to spruce up your own outdoor space. You’ll be surprised at just how far a few small touches can go.

For starters, invest in some inexpensive throw pillows for your outdoor furniture. If you’re going for a fun, contemporary look, choose bright turquoise or orange. And if that doesn’t fit your style, you can never go wrong with classic navy or red pillows.

Plants and flowers can also inject a bit of life into your outdoor space, but if you’re no master gardener then there are other, easier options. Add some potted herbs to your patio or deck. They’re easy to grow and they add a nice, fragrant scent. When they’re ready, you can use the herbs to help craft the perfect summer cocktail or to dress up your salads. Your guests will definitely be impressed.

Lighting a few citronella candles not only adds to the atmosphere, but it’ll also help keep the bugs at bay. You can buy them or you can even make your own colorful candles.

Try a few of these ideas and then you can put the home magazines down, sit back and marvel at your own gorgeous outdoor space. It’s not so hard after all.

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Celebrate Independence Day with Hometown Fun


The great thing about Independence Day is that it’s more than just an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate as a nation. It’s a chance for us to come together on the hometown level.

We’re fortunate that in D.C. and the surrounding areas, we have some of the most active, close-knit communities you’ll find anywhere. And the Fourth of July weekend is jam-packed with fun events in towns throughout the region. Here are a few of our favorite events happening near Brookfield Residential communities.

The Fourth of July at Ferry Farm

Celebrate Independence Day at George Washington’s boyhood  home. Enjoy historic re-enactors, educational programs, music, crafts, and more.

Rockin’ Independence Eve

It’s an Independence Day pre-game party in Old Town Winchester. There’s something for everyone, including a beer and wine garden, a hamburger eating contest, a cornhole tournament, kids activities, fireworks and more.

Celebrate America

  • Manassas, VA (Near Avendale)
  • July 4 | 4pm-10pm

Try your luck in pie-eating contests, a watermelon-eating contest and a bicycle decorating contest. It’s a day filled with fun activities for the whole family. Come early and stay for one of the largest fireworks displays in Northern Virginia, starting at 9:15pm.

Leesburg Independence Day Celebration

Show your patriotic spirit at the annual Independence Day parade through historic Leesburg, featuring the American Originals Fife and Drum Corps. The celebration hits full swing starting at 6pm on the lawn at Ida Lee Park. Fireworks begin at 9:30.

Hope this helps you find some hometown fun for Independence Day, but most of all, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July!

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Enjoy Full Days of Fun at Snowden Bridge Near Winchester


School’s out and summer’s here. Let the fun begin.

Then again, at Snowden Bridge near Winchester, the fun never really stops. Still, there’s no denying that the warm weather and abundant sunshine really ramp up the excitement at this one-of-a-kind community with an amazing collection of all-inclusive amenities.

Stop by for a tour and choose a new single-family home, starting in the low $300’s, or a townhome, starting in the high $100’s. You’ll have to clear your schedule to enjoy all the fun Snowden Bridge has to offer.

Start with tennis inside our 15,000-square-foot indoor sportsplex. Or hit the nature trails and dog park.

When afternoon rolls around, grab your beach towels and head out to the pool, which also features a super fun pirate waterpark for the kids. For the littlest ones, we’ve also got a baby pool.

Snowden Bridge also has a bike race track for when they want to show off their speed or a playground for burning off any leftover energy.

Pack lunch or dinner and sit down together for a great meal together in our picnic area. It’s a full day at Snowden Bridge and it’s always a fun day.

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Modern Style for Your Modern Lifestyle at The Preserve at Goose Creek

No flower-pattern wallpaper here. Nothing at all to remind you of your grandma’s house.

The new SoHo Collection townhomes are the next level of modern style and the only place to find anything like it in Ashburn is The Preserve at Goose Creek. Tour our new Renwick model and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

The design is sleek, clean and powerful. The innovative pairings of interior elements really draw out the unique style, from the stainless steel in the kitchen to the creative use of hardwoods sprinkled throughout the home.


And the lifestyle at The Preserve at Goose Creek is a ideal fit for everyone, offering  low-maintenance living, so no one has to worry about cutting the grass. Spend your time grilling and gathering with neighbors. Or stop in to the community center, swim in the pool or work out in the fitness center.

Then head out and check out all the entertainment and recreation that’s so close by in Ashburn and throughout Loudoun County.

It all adds up to an amazing community, with stunning homes and natural beauty on Goose Creek. It’s the perfect home for your modern lifestyle.

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