PureBlue Concept Home Gets High Scores from Industry Media

Our PureBlue Home at Avendale has garnered quite a bit of media attention lately, and we couldn’t be more excited with the reviews.


With its breakthrough energy-efficiency rating and state-of-the art, high-efficiency features, our sustainable and beautiful new concept home was designed to set the standard for cleaner, more efficient homebuilding in the future.

The PureBlue Home tests the limits of innovation, efficiency and design. It explores the latest technologies to find out how they fit with the way homeowners want to live today, tomorrow and far beyond. So we’re thrilled that some of the homebuilding industry’s leading voices are singing its praises.

“PureBlue Home Ups the Ante on Efficiency” (Builder Magazine)

  • “[Brookfield Residential’s] most ambitious concept home to date.”
  • “Despite how far they’ve come, Brookfield executives still want to learn more. They hope the home will produce insight on which green initiatives should be adopted as buyer options.”

“The PureBlue Home, A Green Game-Changer” (Green Home Builder Magazine)

  • “The PureBlue Home is Brookfield’s most ambitious eco-friendly home project yet.”
  • “The concept home fits seamlessly within the community of beautiful homes, bringing efficiency without sacrificing style.”
  • “This home has received such widespread approval that Brookfield is working with their partners to add this design to the home collections available at Avendale.”
  • “The home is unique because the house itself is not just a standalone building, it is an entire system that works with the climate, works with the interior of the building and all the different systems in place.”

The great news doesn’t stop there. The PureBlue Home will also be featured on the cover of a new special edition of US Builders Review. Brookfield Residential is one of the publication’s 2015 Editor’s Choice companies, recognized for our innovations and forward thinking.

The special issue will distributed at the annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo on November 18-20 in Washington, D.C. The annual expo recognizes companies from across the country that have committed their enterprises to sustainable and energy-efficient building designs and operations.

To learn more about The PureBlue Home, check out the multimedia press release, or better yet, visit Avendale and take a tour today!

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