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Moving Tips

Moving into your new home doesn't have to be a stressful time if you plan ahead! Here are some simple tips to help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

  • Make sure you keep all of your housing documents and keys together, and more importantly, somewhere you can find them easily.
  • If renting, make sure to give your landlord notice in writing within the time frame specified by your lease agreement.
  • Plan and organize in advance for your move, carefully marking fragile items.
  • Get rid of all the clutter you do not need. Plan a yard sale, or donate your items to local charities.
  • Set up phone, cable, gas, and electric installation services for your new home in advance.
  • Go to the post office and complete the appropriate form to have your address changed. Don't forget to change the address for all newspaper and magazine subscriptions as well.
  • Notify your family, friends, doctors, accountant, bank, insurance, and other companies that you do business with of your new address.
  • And it's also a good idea to have someone available to watch your pets during the big move.
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