The Greenest Green is Blue

A New Concept Home
to Set the Standard for

The Future of Brookfield

The PureBlue Home at Avendale is designed to test the limits of innovation, efficiency and design, to explore the latest technologies and find out how they fit with the way our homeowners want to live today, tomorrow and far beyond.

The lessons we learn will help us build better, healthier,
more energy-efficient homes. The future is looking good.

  • Breakthrough Energy-Efficiency Rating
  • Recycled Materials Throughout the Home and Site
  • State-of-the-Art, High-Efficiency Features
  • Designed to Create a Healthier Living Environment

A Closer Look at

The latest healthy, energy-efficient features, technology and construction methods can be found in each room of The PureBlue Home. Systems are designed to conserve energy and water, to recycle and repurpose materials, and to make day-to-day life easier for the homeowners. Learn more and see how these efforts have helped The PureBlue Home score an impressive -1 on the industry's standard Home Energy Ratings System (HERS) Index.

How The PureBlue Home

Stacks Up

The extraordinary efficiency of The PureBlue Home is never more apparent than in a side-by-side comparison with standard homes ranked by the Home Energy Rating System (HERS Index). The PureBlue Home is off-the-charts efficient.

Meet the Brookfield

PureBlue Team

To create The PureBlue Home, Brookfield united some our sharpest, most forward-thinking team members. The project began with no rules, no limitations. The team was encouraged to take risks with no fear of failure. The only thing that was asked of them: Be innovative.

Marc Dalessio

Production Manager

Marc has been with Brookfield since graduating from Virginia Tech in 2004. Bringing his background and knowledge from purchasing, construction and design, he helped develop The PureBlue Home from a concept to a finished product. He played an integral part in piecing together all the systems in the home by working with manufacturers, contractors and inspectors to achieve the team goal.

Dustin Dorph

Land Development Coordinator

Dustin graduated from Virginia Tech's Civil Engineering program in 2013. Joining Brookfield right after graduation, Dustin has brought an unconventional, youthful perspective to the development of The PureBlue Home. He enjoyed seeing the cutting‑edge, sustainable technology discussed in his classes go from the theoretical to the operational.

Mark Gregas

Director of Information Technology

Mark joined the Brookfield Residential team in 1991. His background in information technology and sustainability provided clean technology best practices to the PureBlue initiative. Mark obtained certification in Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage in 2010 from Stanford University.

Mark Leahy

Architect (Pinnacle Design and Consulting)

A graduate of Kent State University, Mark began his career in 1983 as a specialist in product development and architecture services for a homebuilder. In 1997, he established Pinnacle Design & Consulting, a full‑service architectural firm. Mark's intense knowledge of energy‑efficient homebuilding coupled with an innovative design sense made him the perfect choice as architect of The PureBlue Home.

Toni Popovitch

Contracts Coordinator

Toni holds a bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. She has been a long‑time valued employee of Brookfield Residential. Her contribution to the PureBlue initiative included product development and the hiring of reputable vendor partners.

Erin Smith

Marketing Manager

A Brookfield team member since 1998, Erin was able to share her expertise in residential marketing, interior design and product development to aid in bringing the PureBlue idea to fruition. Touches of her ideas and collaborations can be seen the throughout the home.

Lauren Jordan

Senior Designer (Builders Design)

Lauren Jordan, the creative lead designer with Builders Design, specializes in high-end interiors and brought her valued knowledge, passion and talent for design excellence to this special project. Working closely with the PureBlue team at Brookfield Residential, Lauren was integral to the inspiration, innovation and creativity that brought The PureBlue Home to life.


The PureBlue Home

Brand Partners

Many thanks to the great companies who helped make our PureBlue vision a reality. Their ideas and insights helped shape our approach and were instrumental to the success of the project.

Special thanks to Pinnacle Design and Consulting and its president, Mark Leahy, for serving as architect of The PureBlue Home.

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