In The Smart Home, You’re Ready for Easier Living

The Smart Home Built by Brookfield Residential Powered by Amazon Alexa

Your alarm clock goes off at precisely 7 a.m., same as every morning. What do you do next?

Perhaps you turn on the lights and open the shades to let in the first rays of sunshine. You turn on the television to catch the morning news. You start brewing a pot of coffee. And it’s a little chilly, so you turn up the heat a few degrees. It’s a good way to start your day.

Now imagine that you’ve done all of these things, and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.

That’s the easy convenience of life in The Brookfield Residential Smart Home powered by Amazon Alexa. It’s the result of our dynamic collaboration with Amazon.

The Smart Home, located inside our popular Avendale community, integrates voice-enabled home automation using the best-selling, cloud-based voice service, Amazon Alexa. This technology allows you to control the home with just the sound of your voice. It covers the essentials — turning on lights, the television, etc. — and then takes it beyond the expected, throwing in plenty of twists along the way.

“We built this home because we had a vision for making life easier for all of our homebuyers,” division president Robert Hubbell said. “Yet it’s exciting to think about the impact this technology can have not just on people who want to simplify life’s day-to-day tasks, but for people who legitimately need to simplify them.”

A Smart Home with Peace of Mind

A quick tour of The Brookfield Residential Smart Home is all you need to start imagining the possibilities for people looking to make their daily experience easier.

With Smart Home technology, not only can you use your voice to control the lights, shades, fans, television and thermostat, you can also lock the door and check the built-in security cameras.

This technology can also help you keep track of daily tasks and appointments or add items to your shopping list, too. Alexa can also update you on the day’s news, play music or read books through Audible or text-to-speech Kindle books.

We expect that Smart Home technology will be especially popular with homebuyers looking at a 55+ Active Lifestyle community. While most residents of such communities are quite active and pursue a fun, social lifestyle, this new technology will provide easier living and much-needed peace of mind.

Always Adapting

What The Smart Home is capable of today is only the beginning. As this technology is integrated into more and more of our homes, the possibilities are unlimited — thanks to the collaboration with Amazon and its open-architecture voice service.

You could buy the latest Alexa devices, such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV or Fire tablets and bring it home to add more capabilities. Setup is simple and intuitive — all because we know that technology moves quickly. We’ve made sure that you can turn your own new home into a Smart Home and that you’ll know your home will always be adapting, getting smarter and making your life easier.

For more information or media inquiries regarding The Smart Home, please read the original press release on PRNewswire or contact Brittany Darr at NDG Communications.

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