Shaking Up Homebuilding by Teaming with Amazon

The Smart Home Built by Brookfield Residential Powered by Amazon Alexa

You say the word and things happen.

The shades go down and the television turns on. The thermostat adjusts until the temperature is perfect.

A new way of living is here.

This is a major step forward for homebuilding, and it’s the result of our game-changing collaboration with technology and online retail giant Amazon.

The Brookfield Residential Smart Home powered by Amazon Alexa integrates voice-enabled home automation using the best-selling, cloud-based voice service, Amazon Alexa. This technology allows many features in the home to be controlled by voice commands.

And home shoppers will love this: Alexa can act as an automated sales assistant, ready to share information with you from the moment you walk in the door.

Located at Avendale, The Smart Home carries the potential to change the way we live. In fact, we’re now offering voice-enabled home automation to our homebuyers in select communities across the region.

For us, this home is just one more way to create the best places to call home for our customers.

“We always knew there was a desire for this technology in new home construction,” division president Robert Hubbell said. “The challenge was finding a way to incorporate the technology into a home in a way that was accessible and adaptable for the everyday homebuyer. Through our collaboration with Amazon, we’ve done just that.”

A Home That Speaks for Itself

Because The Smart Home is a model open for tours, we’ve empowered the home — and Alexa — to answer your questions. Once in the home, you can ask aloud to learn more about the home and its features, the community or the homebuilder.

The capabilities of The Brookfield Residential Smart Home also include voice commands for dozens of our most common daily tasks. Then they go well beyond the expected, throwing in plenty of exciting twists along the way.

The Smart Home shows off its capabilities throughout the home, in some cases combining a variety of tasks into a single voice command. For example, standing in the lower-level media room, you can say, “Alexa, turn on Movie Time.” The overhead lights will dim and the theater lights will illuminate. A favorite movie will begin playing on the oversized screen.

A Builder Always Seeking Innovation

Our team is constantly challenged to innovate, to come up with the next big idea. The foundation for The Smart Home began nearly a decade ago when we built the first in a series of concept homes that have redefined our approach to building the best homes for our customers.

In 2008, we built The Hybrid Home, an award-winning model of green homebuilding. A year later, we built The Energy Lab Home, where we studied the best ways to incorporate renewable energy into new homes.

In 2015, we created The PureBlue Home. With a goal in mind to reach net zero, we challenged the status quo of nearly every system in the home, exploring the latest technologies in energy efficiency and sustainability. The completed home scored an impressive negative 1 rating on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) chart.

Then in 2016, we developed My Brookfield Home, a first-of-its-kind app that keeps our homebuyers connected throughout the homebuilding process. It’s a portal where buyers can access key documents, track important tasks and appointments, contact their sales team or view photos of their home under construction.

On the strength of these successful innovations and amid the growing popularity of Alexa devices, the collaboration between us and Amazon came together naturally — and rapidly.

“Once we agreed upon the details of the project, we were off and running,” Hubbell said. “We were building The Smart Home within a matter of weeks. Our team came together quickly, pushed past the perceived limitations of production homebuilding and found solutions that make voice-enabled home automation a reality for homebuyers right now.”

Designing the home to be receptive to voice-enabled home automation was a critical first step. In addition to collaborating with Amazon, we also enlisted a group of forward-thinking vendor partners to join in this project.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the team that created this home,” Hubbell said. “From our internal team to all our handpicked collaborators, everyone involved brought exciting ideas, and everyone helped to not only create this home but to make it a home that will adapt to new technology in the future.”

Join us for the Grand Opening of The Smart Home this weekend! For more information or media inquiries regarding The Smart Home, please read the original press release on PRNewswire or contact Brittany Darr at NDG Communications.

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