Stay Warm and Save Big This Winter with Brookfield Blue

Brookfield Blue

Winter is a season that evokes dreams of snowy landscapes and that special spark of holiday magic. While the temperatures drop outside, inside, we gather together with loved ones and relish the warmth of good company. But when misfortune strikes, this romantic sentiment quickly goes out the window — along with the heat from your home.

With a drafty home or ineffective heating, Frosty the Snowman starts to seem more like your future than a heart-warming holiday character. That’s why, with Brookfield Blue, we include our groundbreaking energy efficiency in every new home we build, so you can stay warm and save money all winter long. That starts with ENERGY STAR® appliances, Low-e windows, a high-efficiency furnace and the use of the latest insulation technology and techniques.

Plus, we prominently feature the specific HERS index rating of every home design we build, so you know from the start exactly how the home you choose will affect your utility bills. Check out our PureBlueHome to see how our efforts to create the most energy-efficient home on the market became reality.

We also offer a variety of additional renewable and sustainable features. From complete solar panel systems to geothermal heating and air conditioning, your new home can be on the leading edge of innovation. That’s because, at Brookfield Residential, innovation is in our DNA. It’s what separates us from other homebuilders, and it’s what drives us to build homes for the way you want to live today, tomorrow and in the many winters ahead.

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