How Brookfield Blue Makes it Easy to Avoid Getting Burned by Summer Energy Bills

Energy-Wise Efficiency, Budget-Smart Living

High Heat, High Energy Bills

Did you know that space heating and cooling account for almost half of a home’s energy use? If you’ve ever noticed your energy bills skyrocket during the summer months it’s likely that you’re intimately aware of this fact.

The truth is that most resale homes — even many new homes — are not designed for efficiency. Many resale homes were built before major technological advancements brought increased energy efficiency inside the home. And with too many builders, energy-efficient features are only offered as premium options and aren’t included on the standard plan.

Green Living with Brookfield Blue

Through our Brookfield Blue initiative, we build every one of our homes to balance ultimate livability and energy efficiency — going the extra mile to save our homeowners money in new and innovative ways.

In addition to ENERGY STAR® appliances, programmable thermostats, water-saving faucets and shower heads and Low-e windows are standard in every home. We further empower our homebuyers to save money on their energy bills and employ the latest innovation in their homes by offering a variety of sustainable and renewable energy features, such as solar panels and geothermal heating and air conditioning in select communities.

When you buy a new Brookfield Residential home, you’ll know that your home is more efficient than the standard new home. Click here to see how we build the most energy-efficient homes possible.

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