Take Charge of Your New Home Experience with EMPOWER by Brookfield Residential

EMPOWER by Brookfield Residential

Technology is always changing, and in the past few years, it’s transformed the way we connect, the way we live and even the way we make big financial decisions. So why should the new home buying experience stay the same complex process it’s been for decades?

It shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve created our EMPOWER initiative to pioneer innovative programs built to put you in control and simplify your journey from the start of your search to the day you come home.

Unlocking the Future of Home Shopping    

It’s the moment of truth. Time spent considering builders, home designs and your ideal lifestyle all comes down to this. The walk to the front door. Unlocking the door and stepping inside. Is it the right fit? Your initial impression could shape your future for years to come.

But it’s just a moment, one of possibly many tours a home shopper will take as they search for their dream home. So what makes this time different? It just so happens that it’s 9pm on a Wednesday and there’s no Sales Manager in sight.

We’re proud to introduce My Time Home Tours, allowing you to tour our already-built homes whenever it works best for you. During the week or on weekends. Early mornings or late at night. Step inside whether our community sales offices are open or not.

All it takes to begin your My Time Home Tour is for you to pick from our selection of available Move-In-Now Homes and select a time for your tour. Then, enter your credit card information* (for liability purposes. Don’t worry, you will not be charged a cent) and within minutes, you’ll receive a digital code to unlock the front door.   

As you enter, the power is in your hands. Take your time and take in all the details or keep it brief to fit into your busy schedule. It’s the freedom to tour on your own terms that you’ve never experienced until now.  

Where Can I Take a My Time Home Tour?

My Time Home Tours are now available at two of our most popular communities in the D.C. metro region, including the resort-style, master-planned community of Potomac Shores in Prince William County and the urban townhomes and condos of Admirals Square in Annapolis.

Looking ahead, you can expect this program to become available across many more Brookfield Residential communities in the Mid-Atlantic region by the end of the year.

All Your Style. In Half the Time.

Move-In-Now Homes have become more and more popular as new home shoppers look to shorten their new home journey. These already-built homes offer the same high-quality construction, floorplans and features as the to-be-built homes from Brookfield Residential, with the added advantage of a shorter wait before coming home.

So what’s the catch? Before, choosing a Move-In-Now Home meant giving up the ability to hand-select the features, finishes and little details that would make your new home intimately your own.

But not anymore. With My Style Quick-Move Homes, these already-built homes are just waiting for your personal touch. We wait after initial construction so that you can select the flooring, tile, counters, cabinets and fixtures. And once you’ve made your choices, your home will still be ready in less than two months! It’s the best of both worlds. The ideal crossroad between customization and convenience.

Where Can I Find My Style Quick-Move Homes?

My Style Quick-Move Homes are now available in numerous communities across the Mid-Atlantic region. Preview those homes and find the one you want to visit here. Or you can visit Admirals Square to experience both My Style Quick-Move Homes and My Time Home Tours.

For decades, we’ve worked to foster a culture of innovation and change the way people think about buying a new home. Now, we’re incredibly excited about how our EMPOWER initiative is creating never-before-seen efficiencies in the new home buying journey and allowing you to take charge of your experience. Be on the lookout for more innovative EMPOWER programs coming soon.  

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