Unlock the Future of Home Shopping

Unlock the Future of Home Shopping with My Time Home Tours

Ask yourself, how would you like to find your new home?

Odds are you’d want the freedom to search on your own terms. To freely explore and discover your perfect fit without pressure. To be able to step inside on demand when you find a home your interested in. That’s exactly why we’ve pioneered My Time Home Tours: to reimagine the new home experience and put you in complete control.

Home Discovery Made Easy

Even if you’re ready to move, the reality is, life keeps moving ahead. There’s no way to hit pause on everything else. Whether you’re relocating states or moving up to more space in the same town, the hardest part of any decision can be fitting it into your busy schedule. But not anymore.

Since unveiling My Time Home Tours in the fall of 2018, more than a hundred home shoppers have used this tool to search for their new home. And it’s been used by home shoppers across the Mid-Atlantic region, from Annapolis, MD, to Winchester, VA. We’re proud to be the only builder to offer this innovative new program that allows you to tour already-built homes whenever works best for you. Before or after business hours. On your own. On your own time.

How It Works

We’ve built a new website dedicated to making access to My Time Home Tours as easy as possible. In as little as ten minutes, and four simple steps, you’ll be all set for your private tour.

Step #1: Tell Us What You’re Looking For

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Let us do the hard work for you. Select your price range, the location you’re looking to live and the base necessities you’ll need in your new home (number of beds and baths.) Submit your selections and you’ll instantly be provided with a collection of homes that fit your criteria.

Step #2: Select a Home to Tour

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Once you find a listing that you’re interested in, tap the button that reads “Schedule a Tour”. Next, confirm the terms & conditions and you’ll be transported to a new page showing all the available time slots from which you can schedule your My Time Home Tour.

Step #3: Confirm Your Tour

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Select your desired time slot. In order to confirm your appointment, you will need to set up an account. It’s as easy as filling in your name and contact info so we can send you the code that will unlock the door once you arrive to take your tour. Once registered, you’ll be able to simply log in for any future tours.

For the final confirmation, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. Don’t worry, the process is free of charge. You won’t be charged a cent! It’s just the final step of our verification process that will allow you to step inside a completed home without supervision.

Step #4: Receive the Code to Unlock the Door

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Once you complete the verification process, you’ll be prompted one final time to confirm the time slot for your tour. Tap to proceed and you’ll immediately receive a code onscreen to unlock the home you’ve selected to tour. This code will also be sent to you via text message and an email. The lock is very easy to use, but you can reference the email for a detailed video walkthrough on how to enter the code if you run into any difficulties.

You’ll have a full hour to tour the home starting at the time you selected. The code you’ve received will only be operational during this time slot.

Let’s Get Started

Start Your Home Search

Ready to begin your home search? Head to our My Time Home Tours site to get started today.

My Time Home Tours is just one feature of our new Empower program, a collection of six innovative tools revolutionizing the new home journey and giving you the power to take control of your new home experience. Learn more about Empower here.

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