Be a Super Bowl Party Host MVP with These 5 Essential Tips

Super Bowl Party Tips

Whether your beloved team didn’t make the underdog run you were hoping for, or your simply not a die-hard football fan in general, that’s no excuse for letting one of the year’s best opportunities to entertain pass you by. Every year, the Super Bowl presents one of the most popular communal events in American culture. And it’s the perfect time to welcome friends and family into your home to come together over food, fun and fellowship.

To help you set your game plan and get inspired for a championship-level super bowl party, we’ve put together some of our favorite and most frequently utilized tips to help.

Set the Stakes

With everyone coming together to watch the competition between the league’s best teams, it only feels right to inject some friendly competition into your party. Pick out a prize for the guest who gets closest to guessing the final score or shows up with the most spirited outfit. It’ll help ramp up the excitement for your event and get all your guests involved in the fun.

DIY Decorations

If you have a collection of football swag, this is obviously the time to show it off. But if you not, don’t fret, there are plenty of easy ways to incorporate a Super Bowl theme into your decor. A strip of astroturf makes a great centerpiece for your spread of snacks. Pick up some yellow napkins to mirror penalty flags. Decorate with the colors of the opposing teams.

Make It a Team Effort

Snacks and finger foods are the centerpiece of any Super Bowl viewing party, and you don’t need to bend over backward to do it all yourself. Your guests will be appreciative enough that you’re being an MVP and offering up your home to host the event. Call for a potluck and have each guest bring their favorite snack foods.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on frozen finger foods of all shapes and sizes. That way, if you’re running low on snacks, it’s as easy as setting the timer and putting a tray in the oven. You certainly don’t want to spend time laboring in the kitchen while the game is on. Trust us, overestimating the amount of food and beverages you need is much better than the alternative of running out mid-game.

Make It Easy on Yourself and Go Green

With many of your guests snacking, glued to the TV and occasionally erupting with competitive emotions, you should have cleaning supplies on hand to protect against the occasional spill. But you should also make the post-game clean up easy on yourself by using flatware that won’t take you ages to clean. Disposable plates are the lowest effort option, just make sure to recycle them. Otherwise, avoid ceramics or fancy heirloom serving dishes that are easy to break and will have to be scrubbed by hand.

More Than Just Football

There’s a lot more than just the game to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday. For those who aren’t big football fans, the absurdity of the commercials can be the most entertaining part of the game. And don’t forget Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, our favorite pre-game tradition where an adorable selection of canines compete for the “Most Valuable Puppy” award.

With all these entertainment options, it’s easy to find something for everyone to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday. And there are plenty of ways to turn up the fun and competition by creating your own party games. Some of our favorite ideas include commercial bingo or a cook-off competition where guests vote on who brought the best potluck dish.


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