Everything You Need to Know to Become a Homeowner

Achieve Homeownership and Own Your Future

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement grows. Shopping for gifts, planning holiday parties, enjoying the company of friends and family you only see a few times a year — for many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

To balance out the excitement, the excess and the expenses of the holidays, it’s only right that this season also marks a time for reflection. We look back on our big wins of the past year and make plans to make the new year even better. And what better goal is there to set for yourself in the new year than moving beyond rent and investing in a home to call your own?

Why Should I Become a Homeowner?

Becoming a homeowner is not just a major social milestone, it’s a massive financial one, too. There are a wide range of benefits to homeownership, but the bottom line is that the right choice of a home can make for one of the best long-term investments.

In fact, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, U.S. homeowners, on average, saw a 6.94% per year increase on the value of real estate investments between 2012 and 2017. And while any return on investment is subject to market trends, history shows us that real estate almost always appreciates if you take a long-term view.  

Nevertheless, to get the most bang for your buck, it truly is important to think long term. Buying a home does come with upfront costs you wouldn’t face with other investments, particularly closing costs. Most experts agree that you should plan to stay in your house at least five years to account for the upfront costs.

Ultimately, the benefits of being a homeowner are immediately clear when you can start building equity instead of throwing your hard-earned money away for rent each month. It’s not just a place to call your own, but a time-honored step in securing financial stability and accumulating wealth.

How Do I Set My Budget?

First and foremost, it’s essential to determine your financial health and whether you can afford this big next step. Fortunately for you, we can help make this first step smooth and simple by financing through our expert group of preferred lenders. As members of major regional and national financing networks, they can help you secure the most competitive rates available. And they can help you pre-qualify for financing so you can know your exact purchasing power before you even step inside that first home on your search.

Once you’ve made a budget, set aside funds for a down payment and received pre-approval for a mortgage, then you should begin thinking about the lifestyle you want and start exploring communities and homebuilders that have piqued your interest.

Where Should I Begin My Search?

Next, it’s time to start figuring out the location you want to call home. Home shopper interests vary across a wide range of priorities and lifestyle considerations, and it’s important to find a community that’s a right fit for your goals now and into the future. You might have a strong idea about where you want to live, but it’s always a good idea to search across the region and compare different areas for price, cost-of-living and lifestyles. So shop around — we offer an extensive range of communities and home styles in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

During this point of your search is where you’ll need to define what factors and features are most important to you. Is a specific location most important? Or do you prioritize community amenities and a strong, built-in social network? Is there a particular community feature that is an absolute must-have?

With a little research, you’ll find the perfect community is out there for you — a place that checks all the boxes and falls within your budget perimeters. And if you’ve taken the time to explore our wide selection of Brookfield Residential communities, you’ve likely already found it.

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions or could use guidance on your journey to becoming a homeowner, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact a Brookfield Residential Sales Manager today. We’re here to help. Good luck and happy house hunting!


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5 New Home Kitchen Designs Equipped for the Ultimate Holiday Feast

Holiday Dinner Party Kitchen Designs

As the holiday season approaches, families everywhere start to planning to host their friends and relatives. From Thanksgiving dinners to New Year’s Eve parties, the kitchen is the natural gathering point — through initial food preparation and on to the moment your guests arrive.

Take a look at some of our most popular kitchen designs that are equipped to host parties — large and small — and get inspired to throw your ultimate holiday feast.

The Kensington II at Potomac Shores

The Kensington Kitchen Design
Filled with resort-style amenities and a situated in a scenic, wooded residential setting, Potomac Shores is a community that will have your relatives eager to visit your home for the holidays. And the Kensington II model provides the kitchen to make it go smoothly.

The state-of-the-art oven and gas cooktop will ensure your meal comes out the perfect temperature. The spacious quartz kitchen island allows as many cooks to help out in the kitchen as you need. And the open-concept layout makes it easy to add on as many table seatings and kids’ tables as required while relatives continue to file in for dinner. 

The Riverton at Snowden Bridge

The Riverton at Snowden Bridge

As we age, there comes a time when a family’s go-to host passes down their holiday duties to the next generation. This kitchen in the Riverton model at Snowden Bridge makes it easy for any eager host to put off passing the torch for another few years. Inside this home designed for main-level living, the kitchen is only ever a few steps away.

This kitchen’s open-concept design makes it easy to move around and set seating for as many family members as you plan to host. And the attractive hardwood flooring and stunning quartz countertops are also incredibly easy to clean, making the party aftermath a breeze.

The Fillmore II at Waterford Manor

The Fillmore II Kitchen Design

For the hardcore holiday chef only perfection is acceptable. And while we might caution them not to be too obsessive this season, we’ll send them to the Fillmore II model’s kitchen at Waterford Manor with our best wishes and their recipe book.

This chef’s kitchen features our most sought-after premium appliances and the finest finishes. From the stylish counter-to-ceiling backsplash to the extended island and farmhouse sink, the allure of this kitchen goes far beyond just utility.

The Fillmore at Wilson’s Grove

The Fillmore Kitchen Design

Nothing says holiday brunch quite like enjoying bloody mary’s, mimosas or eggnog with those closest to your heart. The Fillmore model’s kitchen at Wilson’s Grove provides a great space to host a party the night before and then settle down for an intimate holiday brunch the next morning. The beautiful breakfast nook is a particular favorite, featuring ample windows and an inviting farmhouse-style dining table.  

The Taylor at Mayfair

The Taylor Kitchen Design

The kitchen in the Taylor model at Mayfair is the perfect spot to host your next buffet-style dinner party or spread out hors-d’oeuvres on the kitchen island. This spacious, open-concept kitchen features stunningly high ceilings and a large bay window, ensuring your guests will never feel cramped. It creates a natural flow that encourages guests to circulate around the room and mix and mingle with the crowd.  

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5 Easy Ways to Maximize Energy Savings Through Winter

Save Energy During the Cold Winter Months Ahead
As the weather begins to turn, we find ourselves busy preparing for the often-hectic holiday season. Halloween is just the first day requiring elaborate home decorations, but Thanksgiving dinner parties and festive light displays are just around the corner.

So step away from carving your pumpkin for a moment. Get started on these five proactive steps to ensure you maximize your energy savings — even when ice, snow and freezing temperatures begin to assault your home. And by improving efficiency, you’ll have that much more money in your pocket to use for gifts during the holidays.

1. Close the Gap

It’s only natural for gaps to occasionally appear between door and window frames regardless of the age of your home. That’s because, as the temperature and moisture levels change outside, wooden materials will expand with the heat and contract with the cold. Whether it’s a window or door, all that expensive heat can slip through the cracks.

Check your home’s exterior doors and windows for cold air leaks. Sometimes it’s easy enough to feel the draft, but the simplest way to be sure is to move a lit candle around the door or window frame. If there is a draft, you’ll see the candle flame move toward you and the interior of your home.

Now that you’ve identified any drafts, install foam or solid weatherstripping to any problematic window or door frames. If you note strong drafts near a door’s lower edge, consider installing a door sweep or storm door. At the end of the day, closing any gaps where hot air can escape can translate to big energy savings.   

2. Replace Furnace Filters

Install a new furnace filter to ensure your system is running at its optimal energy efficiency. To determine the size and variety of filter you’ll need, consult your owner’s manual, or — if you didn’t receive one — search your furnace model serial number online to find one.

This is a simple, quick fix. Standard flat fiberglass filters can run as little as $1, while higher-tech, energy-efficient varieties run closer to $30. It’s also best practice to replace the filter monthly during the coldest winter months to maximize energy efficiency, which will, in turn, translate to energy savings on your utility bill.

3. Reverse Ceiling Fans for Winter

Did you know that you can save money on energy bills by simply switching ceiling fans from counter-clockwise to a clockwise rotation? This method requires that you run the fan on a slow setting, but it will effectively push the cold air to the ceiling and keep warmer air down lower where it can be enjoyed by your family. This easy solution can save you a couple degrees on your thermostat setting which will translate to direct cost savings when the monthly energy bill arrives.

4. Clean Your Gutters

It’s essential to clear your gutters of any debris after the leaves fall. If you don’t, water can be trapped against the house and cause damage that will hurt the energy efficiency of your home and could lead to even more immediate problems such as an ice dam or flooding.  

Grab a ladder, take proper safety precautions and get up on the roof to clear any debris in your gutters. It’s a straightforward chore that’s best to get out of the way as soon as the leaves finish falling. Wait, and it becomes all too easy to forget. As they say — out of sight, out of mind.

5. Turn off Exterior Faucets

Just like cleaning your gutters, turning off exterior faucets is more of a proactive measure to avoid disaster rather than a direct energy savings tip. But — if anything — that only makes it more important. If pipes freeze, they’ll likely burst as the water expands when it turns to ice, and that could lead to flooding and major issues.

Disconnect any outdoor hoses you might have and drain exterior faucets completely. If your home was built before 2000, it likely wasn’t constructed with frost-proof faucets. In that case, you’ll need to turn off the shut-off valve inside your home.

Or you could skip cold weather maintenance entirely and come home for holidays with one of our available Move-In-Now Homes. You’ll be ready for anything old man winter throws at you with the latest energy-efficient technologies and the assurance of a new home warranty.


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3 Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Move

Make a Stress-Free Move

The moment you buy a new home is filled with excitement, and that excitement only grows when you come home the first day and turn the key for the first time. A whole new world of possibilities has opened up before you, and there are so many things to explore inside your home and out in your new community. It’s a day that’s almost impossible to ruin. Almost, that is, unless you don’t take the precautions to have a stress-free move. 

Don’t Rush

The most common mistake people make when moving is not being ready by the time the movers arrive. It’s all too easy to procrastinate packing up, but if you wait, you’re putting your prized possessions at enormous risk.

Visit a home improvement store and you’ll find all sorts of specialized packing materials from cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes to silverware sleeves. Take the time to pack everything right, and it’ll be much less stressful when you can unpack in your new home without uncovering broken items.

Think Tetris

A furnishing or family heirloom might stand the test of time in your home, but on the road — with bumps, potholes and brake lights — it’s easy for disaster to strike. That’s why it’s essential to properly pack the moving van to minimize the possibility for damage to occur. It’s a great idea to hire a qualified mover, but if you’re adamant about doing it yourself, be sure to take the proper precautions.

Mark boxes containing fragile items clearly and avoid stacking other items on top. Also, be particularly careful with top-heavy items such as a grand piano or billiards table. You’ll want to stick sturdy boxes and other items underneath so that the legs aren’t having to carry all the pressure while on the road.

Choose a Qualified Mover to Help

You’ll have dozens of moving companies to choose from at any location within the Mid-Atlantic region, and they will all make promises to get your business. But you want the right one. Vet your moving company with a straightforward checklist that will help you determine if they’ll move your stuff safely without charging you a ludicrous amount of money.

First, ask your friends, family or new neighbors for recommendations. If any have had a particularly stress-free move with a specific company, then that’s a great place to start. Next, you’ll want to ensure they’re licensed and insured. If your move will cross state lines, it’s a good idea to check to make sure your mover is registered federally. The Department of Transportation offers a free company lookup tool on its website for interstate moves.

Once you’ve vetted them in terms of legitimacy and reputation, it’s time to consider cost. Shop around to find out what the going rates are for a move of your scale. Ask for a quote and ensure it covers everything you need to move, including any outdoor items that might be easily overlooked. Get the estimate in writing so that you have a physical record and you can hold your moving company to the cost they promised. Ultimately, when it comes down to considering your options, choose the mover that can provide your family with the best experience, even if they cost a little bit more.

For more moving advice and checklists on a stress-free move, visit the Department of Transportation’s “Protect Your Move” website. And check out our website for additional moving tips and resources.

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Celebrate the Beauty of Fall in Leesburg at Waterford Manor

Vine & Dine at Waterford Manor: Saturday, October 6

With the beautiful fall colors beginning to emerge and the completion of a stunning new Move-In-Now Home, there’s a lot to celebrate this season at Waterford Manor. We invite you to join us at the Waterford Manor Barn on October 6, from 2pm to 6pm, to treat yourself to a day of live music, food, fun and home tours.

You’ll receive a farm-to-table experience with artisanal plates and selection of wines from Stone Tower Winery to enjoy while you listen to live music and play lawn games in this naturally beautiful community. Then step inside our newly completed Torrington II home design. This stunning Move-In-Now Home features a main-level owner’s suite, wrap-around porch and more than 4,000 square feet of interior space to spread out.

Need any other reason to visit? The 74th Annual Waterford Fair will be going on all weekend just 3 miles from our community. Offering historic home tours, extensive arts exhibits and more, this event provides the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the inviting, small-town spirit of Loudoun County.

Located just outside Leesburg, Waterford Manor is a new home community with 3+ acre homesites and the best value in the Leesburg area. New homes start from the low $600’s and feature spacious yards and the easy convenience of first-floor owner’s suites. Plus, you can surround yourself with shopping, dining and commuter options just minutes away. Or sit back and enjoy the peace and natural beauty.

RSVPs are preferred but not required. RSVP to Susan.Meed@BrookfieldRP.com.

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5 DMV-Area Hikes Perfect for Enjoying Fall Foliage

A Season for ChangeThis fall, find the perfect place close to your current — or future — home to go for a hike and enjoy the vibrant colors of the changing season. It’s an annual tradition that the whole family can enjoy and appreciate. Take a photo and it could make for the perfect holiday greeting card to send out to your friends and family.

Experts are forecasting the changing fall foliage to peak in the Mid-Atlantic region during the week of October 15, so start planning accordingly. You can also check out this fall foliage prediction map to learn more.  

Bears Den

Bluemont, VA

With a summit at 1,350 feet, the Bears Den Rocks provide sweeping, panoramic views of the surrounding Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west. It also makes for a prime spot to take in the sunset.

Set on the Appalachian Trail, this location is perfect for a fall hike with flexibility. The overlook is a short 5-minute walk from the Bears Den parking lot, so you can get out and enjoy the views without going far. But if you’d like to enjoy a full day in the woods, the Appalachian Trail runs in either direction so you can hike down the trail for as far as you like before turning around. Looking for real adventure? Hit the Raven Rocks hike just across Route 7 from the Bears Den parking lot.  

Bears Den is a prime fall hike for families in Loudoun or Clarke counties. It’s located just 8 miles from The Bluffs at Sleeter Lake and roughly 20 miles from Waterford Manor and Snowden Bridge.

Prince William Forest Park  

Dumfries, VA

Residents of Potomac Shores know they won’t have to look far to experience the beautiful fall colors. It’s all around them. That’s especially true for Brookfield Residential homeowners who are in the midst of the colorful forests in the Woods Bend and Woods Edge neighborhoods of this master-planned community.

Still, it’s great to get out and take the family on a new adventure. Only 7 miles away, the Prince William Forest Park offers an opportunity to explore 15,000 acres of beautiful woodlands along Quantico Creek. It’s a beautiful place to see the leaves change.

Patuxent Research Refuge

Bowie, MD

The Patuxent Research Refuge is the nation’s only wildlife refuge established to support wildlife research. Head to the South Tract and hit one of the many loop trails. Not only will you get the chance to see leaves dressed in beautiful fall colors, but you might get a chance to see the park’s ample wildlife found along the lake and woods. It’s only open on weekends so be sure to plan accordingly!

The visitors center is roughly a 20-mile drive from Silver Spring to the west and Glen Burnie to the northeast, which makes the Patuxent Research Refuge the perfect fall destination for families at Oakview Village or Bradford’s Landing.

Billy Goat Trail

Potomac, MD

One of the most scenic and adventurous hikes close to D.C., the Billy Goat Trail crosses islands and the rocky ridge alongside the famous Great Falls on the Potomac River. From here, your family will enjoy epic waterfall views alongside the beautiful colors of the changing fall foliage. It’s best accessed from the Great Falls Tavern Visitors Center. There are three sections of the hike that total about 8 miles and range from a leisurely stroll to adventurous bouldering.

This location is perfect for residents of our luxury townhomes at Travilah Station. It’s just 10 miles from home to the Great Falls Tavern Visitors Center. And families who live at Bradford’s Landing are close by, too.  

Quiet Waters Park

Annapolis, MD

Just south of downtown Annapolis, Quiet Waters Park offers access to forests and shoreline situated between the South River and Harness Creek. With pavilions available for reservations, it’s a great place to enjoy a fall picnic with friends or family after a stroll along the scenic hiking trails. You can also rent kayaks and take in the fall colors from the water’s edge.

Located just 5 miles southeast of Admirals Square, this is a great destination for residents of this contemporary townhome and condo community to escape to nature any time of the year.

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Get All Your Style in Half the Time with My Style Quick-Move Homes

We Make Buying a New Home as Easy as 1, 2, Key

Many home shoppers don’t mind waiting out the construction process so they can walk through each step of the process and pick their options, features and finishes from the blueprint to the day they move in. Others opt for a beautiful new home that’s already built, fully upgraded and ready for an almost-instant move-in, a Move-In-Now Home was your best option. And there was no middle ground between these two approaches — until now.

Add Your Personal Touch to Move-In-Now Homes

With My Style Quick-Move Homes, we offer already-built homes that are just waiting for your personal touch. We pause after initial construction so that you can select the flooring, tile, counters, cabinets and fixtures. And once you’ve made your choices, your home will still be ready in less than two months! It’s the best of both worlds — the ideal crossroad between customization and convenience. It lets you make a home uniquely your own, without putting life on hold until construction is complete.

Where Can I Find My Style Quick-Move Homes?

With our first rollout of the program occurring this summer, we’ve now introduced My Style Quick-Move Homes in a handful of our most popular communities across the Mid-Atlantic, including Admirals Square in Annapolis, MD, Mayfair in Purcellville, VA, and Snowden Bridge near Winchester, VA.

Moving forward, we’ll expand My Style Quick-Move Homes across all our communities, so stay tuned to our official My Style site to see the most up-to-date listings of available new homes. Do you have any questions about how it all works? We’d love to show you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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5 Autumn Adventures to Enjoy in Annapolis

Autumn Adventures in Annapolis

Many might claim that summer is the best time to visit Annapolis, but insiders know that autumn can be even better. You’ll avoid the big crowds and the weather usually stays warm enough to get out and enjoy the water.

Thinking about making it out to Annapolis this fall? Here are some things we recommend you try out.

Get Your Sea Legs on a Family-Friendly Cruise

If you’re looking for family fun out on the bay, look no further than these popular tour cruises to top off any total Annapolis experience.

For younger children, Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake is an easy choice. Watch your kids live the pirate life as the cruise sets off in search of buried treasure. Face painting and costumes will help your kids become the pirate of their dreams.

If you’re in search of something more educational that family members of all ages can enjoy, then check out the Schooner Woodwind Sailing Cruises. Their October lighthouse cruise or the Annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Watch Cruise are both popular family favorites.  

Cheer on the Midshipmen at a US Naval Academy Football Game

Navy Football might have a grueling travel schedule this season, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to catch a game and enjoy the traditions that are unique to this time-honored institution. It really is a one-of-a-kind college football experience, so pick a game, plan your trip and get your tickets today!  

See Historic Sights and Frights on a Ghost Tour

Plan a visit to Annapolis in October and celebrate the spookiest time of the year with an Annapolis Ghost Tour or Haunted Pub Crawl. With a plethora of options, you can quench your thirst and get your season’s worth of frights all at once.

Interested in something strictly historic and educational? Check out the outstanding guided tours offered by Historic Annapolis.

Go to a Boat Show

For anyone who dreams of life on the open waters, Annapolis is an essential stop in October to take part in the world-renowned boat shows.

Now in its 47th year, the U.S. Sailboat Show is the nation’s largest and oldest in-water sailboat show. It attracts more than 50,000 boating enthusiasts from around the world to the Sailing Capital of the United States. This annual event takes place October 5-9 at City Dock.

Return the following weekend, October 12-15, for the U.S. Powerboat Show. Here, you’ll find everything from luxury yachts to high-speed racing boats and a wide selection of marine equipment, boating gear and related services.   

Attend a Street Festival

Hit the cobblestones the first Sunday of the month through November for the First Sunday Arts Festival in Annapolis. Crossing Calvert and West streets, this popular downtown event includes over 180 local vendors, street performers, musicians and much more. Head to town early for brunch, then walk the streets and explore the artwork.

Other exciting festivals coming up this autumn include the Maryland Seafood Festival at Sandy Point State Park, the inaugural Annapolis Watersports Festival and the 4th Annual Annapolis Italian Festival.

Enjoy Your Stay? Make It Home

It’s easy to fall in love with the historic coastal charm and close-knit cobblestone streets of Annapolis. It’s a vibrant, artistic and exciting place to call home. During your visit, be sure to stop by for tours of our Admirals Square condos and townhomes. You’ll discover an exceptional, contemporary community, and the perfect place to lay anchor in this unforgettable city.  


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Discover the Multigenerational Home That’s Right for Your Family

Find Space for the Whole Family

Multigenerational living is back and better than ever. America’s largest generation, the Baby Boomers, are growing older, staying healthy and choosing to age in place close to their families. On the opposite side of the spectrum, many millennials are living at home long into their 20s. While career status, the local housing market and a range of other personal factors are driving families together into more traditional living arrangements by need, they’re choosing to stay together because of the benefits.

But that image of a big happy family you imagine won’t be the case unless your home is designed to cater to the needs of your whole family. Making multigenerational living work in practice is all about compromise, plus providing a happy, healthy, supportive environment where each family member can come together to connect and still have access to privacy. Moreover, you’ll be better off when you come home to a community that has something to offer for every age.

So check out our top communities for multigenerational living and discover the perfect home for your whole family.


Multigenerational Living at Avendale

Discover all the charm of a traditional family neighborhood combined with the latest innovations in Smart Home living at Avendale in Bristow, VA.

Family members of all ages will enjoy heading out to enjoy the outdoor amenities from the trails and dog park to the playground, not to mention the close proximity to shopping, great schools and commuter routes. Plus, the community offers a range of multigenerational home designs with first-floor guest suite options, including the Brighton, the Waverly, the Fillmore and the Kensington.

Bradford’s Landing

Multigenerational Living at Bradford's Landing

Welcome to the best value in Silver Spring. One of our newest offerings, Bradford’s Landing is a community designed for unparalleled connection with new friends and neighbors around a central community park in Montgomery County. Plus, its convenient location just minutes from the Glenmont Metro Station makes it ideal for young adults looking to meet up with friends downtown or for the in-laws to get around town. Available multigenerational home designs include the Manchester II and the Sumner II.

Potomac Shores

Multigenerational Living at Potomac Shores

Come home to a master-planned community like none other at Potomac Shores. This Prince William County Golf-Course Community offers acres of resort-style amenities, a sports complex, social barns, Potomac River access and a future VRE station. And that’s just scratching the surface.

With an engaged community of homeowners and exciting activities to take part in, no member of the family will have to look far for fun and new friends. Plus, the community offers a handful of home design elevations you’ll only find at Potomac Shores. A wide range of multigenerational designs is found at Potomac shores, including the Manchester II, the Torrington, the Sumner II, the Beckner II, the Waverly II, the Brighton II and the Kensington II.

Waterford Manor

Multigenerational Living at Waterford Manor

Enjoyment of the Loudoun County lifestyle is something everyone can agree on, and that’s exactly what you’ll come home to at Waterford Manor. This scenic community features farmhouse-style home designs and enough acreage for the whole family to enjoy.

With access to historic Leesburg and popular Loudoun vineyards right at your fingertips, live-in grandparents will love the opportunity for new adventures. Great area schools, sports teams and plenty of other young families make certain your kids won’t look far for friends or new opportunities. the Torrington II, the Edmunds II, the Fillmore II, the Kensington, the Granville II and the Hadleigh designs all offer first-floor guest suite options for multigenerational living.

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New and Future Amenities Are Ramping Up the Resort Life at Potomac Shores

Where the Resort Life Only Gets Better

From The Shores Club and the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course to the swimming pools, parks, trails and community gardens, the resort life is alive and well at Potomac Shores, Northern Virginia’s most exciting master-planned community. And it’s only just getting started. The grand plan for Potomac Shores is quickly coming to fruition as major developments have seen the opening of a new world-class sports complex and plans move forward on the construction of a new VRE train station this summer.

Ali Krieger Sports Complex Now Open

Ali Krieger Sports Complex Grand Opening at Potomac Shores

“I’m so excited to see this complex become a home to make future dreams come true for young athletes playing the sports that they love. This complex will allow thousands of kids to live out their dream in this community, just like I did,” said Ali Krieger, a 2016 Olympian, member of the 2015 Women’s World Cup championship team and Prince William County native, as she cut the ribbon to announce the grand opening of the Ali Kreiger Sports Complex this June at Potomac Shores.

This 30-acre complex now sits across from the St. John Paul the Great High School in the Woods District of Potomac Shores. As of the opening, two soccer fields, a concessions building and children’s playground are completed. Further development will extend the complex to include a total of seven multi-purpose sports fields, a softball field and additional parking.

VRE Station Development Moves Forward

Future VRE Station at Potomac Shores

As of March of this year, the final designs have been approved on the Virginia Railway Express train station at Potomac Shores. A key component of this community’s emerging town center, the 16,000-sq.-ft. headhouse is now starting construction. The two-story station is set along a bluff-top promenade that will offer commanding views of the Potomac River below. The entry level will feature restaurants, a coffee shop, a dry cleaner and other retail while providing access to the boarding platform on the story below. The current timeline has the VRE station slated to open for passengers in 2020.

Looking Ahead

Stepping back from the VRE station, the wider plan for the development of the Potomac Shores Town Center is well underway. A majority of the site has been cleared and graded. The first commercial buildings have been completed and are currently accessible via Dunnington Place. The main parkway which will streamline access into the soon-to-be bustling urban center is under construction and set to be largely completed by the end of the year.  

More than 500 families have already chosen to come home to Potomac Shores. Now as development ramps up and this premier planned community moves toward completion, the excitement only continues to grow.

Plan your visit today and explore this exceptional place to call home. While you’re here, stop by and tour our single-family home models located the Woods District close to the new Ali Kreiger Sports Complex. You’ll discover new homes with innovative, open floor plans, beautiful craftsman designs and the latest advances in Smart Home technology. It’s the perfect fit for your family here at Potomac Shores.  

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